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  1. r u ok
  2. Idk if this will post in the invalid section or post in technical support section, but this is the only place I could post this. It's to do with the website. Here's what I'm experiencing, and I'm not too sure what it is or how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated, it's kind of annoying.
  3. Here's my life nowadays: If an anti-dodge system could be though of, that'd be great. It's ludicrously easy to dodge now that everyone is on the same realm.
  4. Best thing on here by far.
  5. 1) Bad 2) No 3) Complicated 4) No 5) No That's the response to every question proposed, in order.
  6. Nah.
  7. Love how Conor screenshotted EVERY time he beat us. Even when we were randoms with no rating Unfortunately, we're not as retarded he is so we don't have any SSes of us fucking him over. But you can ask around, some people saw him snipe us and come out of arena with -20 - TWICE.
  9. Me & Ice are looking for a 3s partner. Either a hunter, boomkin, or preferably mage. You need to have a Skype or a Discord & exp.
  10. That's a lie.
  11. If you haven't been waiting long, then just wait - they'll get around to replying. If you HAVE been waiting long, and haven't gotten a reply yet - then welcome to Firestorm.
  12. Here's some context: I was running around clicking on people abstractly, and this guy goes ahead and whispers me. Apparently he was R1 WW monk but was banned on his main for 5 more hours. After a little back and forth about who would beat who in a duel, I told him he was wasting my time and ignored him. Aftermath: I think the realm should be renamed to, "Home of retards." I've never encountered someone whispering me for targetting them before. I'm not making this because I want this guy to get banned or anything, but I just find it funny that I said before the merge that Gul'dan players were retarded. There's proof. Apparently he's 18.
  13. Yeah, I'm in the Discord right now, and it's fucking disgusting.
  14. The DCs are actually getting more frequent. Bump..