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  1. bfa

    You can't be serious? Lol
  2. So can Amanthul's Vision drop from legendary token's that we bought from the legendary vendor?
  3. Hm my pets got bugged in dungeon half an hour ago... So bugstorm everything is possible
  4. Well we sometimes make mistakes. But it's only a game so it's good. Glad to see that i helped you
  5. I hope that this video can help you
  6. Thank you a lot anyway
  7. Well now when i completed cathedral of eternal night defender of the broken isles quest showed to me. So it's good now after that it will be champions of legionfall?
  8. Thx for your help i really appriciate it. Well i'll upload few screen shots for you to see the problem. I don't have quest from Maiev. Did i miss something in my class hall?
  9. It happens every hour. It isn't funny anymore...
  10. I'm just curious does alliance win any battleground? Everytime when i'm in the bg with graymane guys they only do pvp and not objectives. Is that the case whole day? I mean if they don't know how to play WoW than don't. Go play that retarded game Fortnite. Praise to the Horde they are always together.
  11. Does anyone completed this achievement? I saw some guys that does that got the achievement but i don't have any quest from Maiev and i done all the broken shore quest that was available.
  12. I think it will be just like on retail. They will transfer with us.