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  1. legion

    fixed it, need to add it in exceptions at windows defender
  2. legion

    solved it m8, just added at windows defender exception list
  3. legion

    anyone else stuck on "Connecting" ???
  4. legion

    tried those steps but now it stuck on "connecting" what I have to do so I can log in and play?
  5. legion

    well fk this, get tired 1 week now d/c every 2-5 mins. don't even try to play it, it will make u so nervous.. when u fix it post it cause many players w8ing for this.
  6. legion

  7. legion

    Still happening..
  8. legion

    same here plz help its fking annoying!
  9. i log in, play around 4-5 mins and then I get this error message! happens all the day till yesterday! need some help!