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  1. Anyone know why the world bosses dont show on map in broken shore ?
  2. i don't use it to make coins, i buy a character, if i get bored of it i will sell it to buy another character till i find the one i like, i usually sell my characters cheap to sell it fast, then top up my coins to buy a character of my choice. Surely you will make more money the old way? Also the character armory is bugged showing low item level items when you hover over them? Also i prefered seeing what transmog they had and what pvp level they have, now this is not an option PS: I'm not angry just i proffered the old system, but grateful that you're updating/trying new stuff goodjob!
  3. I have bought/sold around 7 characters, RIP the old system Why change something that clearly worked? Doesn't make sense to me. Wont be selling/buying any more characters now. Even the way its layed out, can no longer see notes and you can no longer see their transmog. Very bad design...
  5. When i loose in duel i die, and sometimes get bugged where i cannot accept ressurect and have to use the stuck feature on the website, very annoying! Could this be fixed?
  6. There's a rumor that there will be a npc called Boris that will give you instant 100 tomorrow for 1 character? Is this true or just bs?