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  1. 1) World of Warcraft (all expansions) 2) Warcraft III : Frozen throne (DOTA) 3) FIFA 16 4) Batman: Arkham city 5) Battlefield IV 6) COD series 7) GTA series 8) PES 16 9) Guitar hero 10) NBA2k
  2. Banned Azi for being mage
  3. Greetings, That's a nice feature, but you can make it better: 1. You can write the achievement points of every player under their character race in-forum. 2. You can make armory liked with forum. for example if someone clicked on your character in-forum he will be navigated to your armory page. 3. You can make an separated section (page) for searching between items and if someone clicked on any item in armory page he will be navigated to this separated section to get some information about the current item according to current expatiation. 4. You can show the recent activity of each player. 5. You can show the reputations of each played. 6. You can show the last cleared/attempted raids for each player.
  4. Hi dear staff-team Yesterday was Monday and just like every week i was waiting for an other weekly fix. But unfortunately there is nothing Weekly fix (on time) is a great advantage for this server Please do not stop it and always do it on time.
  5. Hi dear Firestorm players/forum visitors I'm Leviathan. old GM/community support/forum moderator of 1-2 servers. I'm 21 and living in Iran. Playing World Of Warcraft for about 6 years. Have a nice day, be safe and healthy
  6. It's about priority.
  7. Welcome and good luck
  8. Dear TFK, Here is your answer:
  9. Dear Spartan, I agree with JonEcko, Also i think PVP events are cool (i was an event master before) but let's save those ideas just for the tournament realm.
  10. So let's download Legion This will be nice
  11. Thank you Can you give me a direct link to download the game with IDM? I still dono what is different between those two pictures
  12. Operating System: Win7 32bit Character Name: Drawrenger Error Info (If there is one): No error Description of problem: I have a problem with my loading screen and loading NPCs after that When i come to a new place i have to wait about 30min for loading screen and after that wait some min for loading objects and NPCs - which is too long How can i solve this problem? Also 1-2 years ago i was playing wow4.3.4 and my screen was like this: And now in WOD it's like this: What is the different between them? and how can i make it like 1st pic? Screenshot: No Screenshot
  13. Okay thX looks cool. But here: We have this problem for 3 month!!!! Why you blocked us?!?!?!?
  14. Okay thX looks cool. But here: We have this problem for 3 month!!!! Why you blocked us?!?!?!?
  15. Hi mate American sanctions includes Iranian Banks, Organization, etc for people Also Don't forget Blizzard is an American company but we can play on Blizzard servers easily. + Sanctions are over + Firestorm is an ((private)) server and it's not governmental Company/Organization So there is no political excuse.