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  1. @Kitzelkritz Haha, thank you so much! I really appreciate it
  2. Thank you guys, it really means a lot to me. I will miss you <3
  3. I will come back one day
  4. @Nurali36 I will miss that spam too, I would actually get quite mad at it xDD @Tideturner Thank you!
  5. @Metzi Thank you, good luck to you too I will sure miss you
  6. @Misahky Haha I remember that day don't worry @souna1000 Everyone found me in like first 10 seconds during Hide n' Seek :FeelsBadMan:
  7. Thank you Misahky, it was indeed my pleasure to help everyone out. I will miss you a lot!
  8. @souna1000 Thank you, I will really miss you all guys <3
  9. @Alan Thank you, I wish you best of luck aswell.
  10. Trust me, I will miss them too
  11. Thank you guys <3
  12. Hello everyone, As of today I am resigning from the position of Executive Game Master on Firestorm. This was probably coolest and most exciting year of my life as I have met a lot of cool people, made a lot of new friends and many more enemies which made it all so exciting and fun. I remember when I first joined as a Trial Game Master on Mists, I was very eager to begin my duties and I tried my bests to be as good as possible with providing support to the very last day. I tried my best to face and resolve all the challenges I had to face and I hope that I did it well, I can't really judge that myself but you guys were and are able to. I don't want to make a huge post explaining all the little details but long story short I am now going to focus on my personal life and I simply don't have enough time for this, I wish I would but I don't. I'll be missing every single one of you guys, I'll miss the events and us chatting in world chat. I will miss every single moment I have spent with you and I hope you will too. To finish this off I wish you all the best for your futures, stay positive, supportive, weird and even a little salty because it is quite funny. I will still be around on Discord and TeamSpeak when I have time so don't be shy and feel free to hang out with me. Here's a little gallery of our memories: http://imgur.com/a/kiiTR Regards, Jyna
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