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  1. scam

    Gm told that casino is LEGAL WHEN CASINO MAKER DONT SCAM, so if he SCAM, its ilegal. Ilegal on WoW server means that, player can get banned..
  2. Hello, i played a casino with player "KAZOOIE" today and he scammed me. This player scammed lot of people and i'm writing for all scammed casino players. I have all screens and i want my 100k golds back and that the player named "Kazooie" get banned. He stole me 98 000 golds, on screenshot is 50k x 2 (win) so 100 000 golds + other 48k. After i told him i will report that, "SOMEONE" (KAZOOIE) writed me from another profile "ADMINA" acting like a GM. See screenshot no. 9! Have a nice day and thanks for your time. Hope you will solve it.