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  1. We think that first boss doesnt drop loot (18 players in raid without loot) second is okay and third we didnt make cause the tactic and time of players. First two bosses are without spell bugs or visual bugs
  2. Title: Legendary bug Type: In-game Description:  Legendary called Leggings of The Black Flame isnt working how it should be, whenever i get bonus stack of Vivify, it uses Thunder focus tea stack with legendary stack. When i get bonus stack of Effuse it dissapears after like 2 secs after instead 30, and last mistake, whenever i use Thunder focus tea i dont have third stack randomly but i can use which spell i want and it takes the one from legendary - i dont count Effuse with Vivify, but for example Renewing Mist can be casted three times.
  3. I have bug in Legion Sylvanas realm, when i want to have garrison, i have to complete quests, one of the quests A Gronnling Problém is not working, when i take the q i changed to phase where is noone of the Gronnling wtf PLEASE FIX !!
  4. In Azsuna is bug in which all players, NPCs and usable objects are appearing and disappearing
  5. Appearing and Dissappearing
  6. ON REALM IS BUG. NPCs and Players are Fading