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  1. Can i just ask if Brewfest will be fully scripted? Looooooooots of ppl try to complete it but Quests are kind of buggy..
  2. Heyy guys.. im rly only one who have problems with full client torrent?
  3. psst dont say that to annyone but...There is pretty big buttom on left corner and i think there is write "PLAY"
  4. I just feel the same... I dont wanna say Graymane is wrong.. but...its not even week now and balanc betwen faction is ..just faking wrong. Another problem is.. this will slowly kill one of Legion Realm. New Player come and i see it right now they look on Sylvanas and say "wtf why?" and go to Graymane for free gear and easy starting.
  5. Hi guys, last month i try to solve same problem. Only one thing what actualy help was download game from launcher. If you using torrent version try to complete remove interface and create new one. But this work just for some time..
  6. Thank you Hearts
  7. Same here. Not even deleting Cache and WTF Forlder help. If annyone know whats wrong report it here pls.
  8. Hi, yes it work.. other way.. You must complete at last 200 World Quest with your artifact weapon on. This work only for Paladin i gues. Its not even 20 mins after i complete 200 WQ on my Death knight and i dont recive anny hidden. But as i say for paladins it works.
  9. Thousands of new Death knight in server
  10. Meh spine doest work ..