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  1. not gonna quote all of it. Please send me the screenshot because that is literally impossible since i myself check each players activity and then decide how much they should get, not 1 person has gotten more than they deserve (in general, sometimes with new people who been in qa for ½ a month i give activity rank (300) but only if they actually worked they butts off and that is to further motivate them, because if u just join work for 17 days straight do 40 tickets and then get 150 it can be very demotivating) and if u are talking about 1 specific person who is a SNIFFER that's totaly different thoes people subscribe to retail, and literally is the only reason devs can script some of the content, which is what they are rewarded for. otherwise, there is 0 people who has been given too much. Okay second. there is no head pve so i don't know whom you are talking about. So let me give you an exsample of a person u are describing, players retail check, top 10 guild world check His name was nally, he is no longer here, also not only did he break several rules, he also missed 90% of the bugs, and so did you buddy. u tested bod, yet there was 3 months old bugs in the raid simple shit there was there on release, like boss dmg not being accurate. you missed that, so did pro nally who is "top raider world" so stop it. and lastly, for the raid testers, some of them are only required to just be there, as a body.. that's it, it is not required for them to have all the knowledge in the world, they are only there to fill out raid and make it as "live" as possible. Which is why the payment for raid testers are vastly different than for a QA, because of the work load and the exspectations.
  2. a pvp realm is just bad in every way. when u have such a realm consequences for cheating is so diminished u really dont care. WoD had added spells, wintraders left and right, the admin of the realm literally got fired for giving people stuff. You people need to stop crying and get it into your mind, that this is an MMORPG, u actually have to play the game, if u want free shit and only play pvp simulator, then unlucky. u got retail, u don't want to play retail because its too much grinding and shit right? I am sorry but warcraft might not be the game for you then, there is literally 0 reason to make a pvp realm, only reason would be to get several thousand people who loves to pvp and only wants to pvp to the realm, but here is the kicker, that was possible in wod and mop, u can't do that in BfA there aint even that amount who wants to pvp on retail. Making a realm for 100 people in the entire world who does pvp on pserver bfa, just aint worth it.
  3. The update only increased the ilvl of 30, all of which is obtainable ingame, both through pve and pvp. Currently u can buy azerite 415 (420) from the vendor ingame, true u can optain this instantly through the shop, but for quite a lot of money. if u farmed max ilvl season1, u would have around 400ish ilvl currently, and with a few weeks of resets and now raid, u could be 410ish, which only is 10item levels lower than what a person who bought the gear from shop has. which is no where near double the amount of hp. So if the problem is that u did not keep up in ilvl on season1, and didnt really play that much or w/e and u are now very far behind in the gear grind, that is not on the shop. EDIT: Yes to get that high ilvl fast, u would need to do pve even as a pvp player, but that is the fault of the exspansion not FS or the shop.
  4. Okay. So. 1) You can't be a QA just being there for points, that is literally not possible since u are only paid for the amount of work u do, so if u work a little u get a little, u work a lot u get a lot, if u dont work u dont get points. 2) 8.2 Is a MASSIVE update, and bugs will accure, there is no stopping that, no matter what u think. 3) There has been literally over 1.000 bug fixes / tickets done, so obviosuly the QA and devs are trying their best, could it be better, ofc there is always room for improvements. 4) The fact that u point out 2/40 dungeon bosses being bugged seems like a good job done by the devs and the QA's, should we hope to have 0/40 ofc. but like stated before there is always stuff that breaks and needs our attention. 5) The amount of saltyness in this post is unbeliveable, we get it your friends are good and everyone else is bad, and the server and it's content is shit because u got wrongfully kicked out of the QA team, the GM team, and i forget u were a mod aswell and got kicked? doesn't really matter, no one in the staff hates you, or anything personally against you. 6) The QA team is not build as u purpose in this post, most of what u are saying or claiming is simply just not true. 7)Your whole understand of how things work is fundementaly just wrong, saying stuff like "But instead of fixing bugs instead of extending the time of release, they prefer to make server even more laggy by adding "boris" These 3 things have nothing in common with eachother, this whole post is just you shittalking for no apparent reason other than you being salty about past events, and u trying to get attention, just like you spamming discord for same reason, trying to join every staff team in the universe to tell people you are in the team, but like everything else u fail at the task, u got kicked from every staff you ever joined in a surprising short amount of time, u get in trouble with everyone for the same reasons. If you really did care about the realm, and not just about yourself and the attention you seek u would have done things much differently and stayd in the teams and helped. And you would have written this post way differently with the focus of helping and not shittalking.
  5. This Boris is mainly for new people joining the realm. With the new release of content, it allows people to skip a lot of boring leveling from 1-110. And ofc, to give people already on realm, a quick chance to level an alt. this is not ment to be an equal char of your main, or anything remotly close to this. This was not ment for anything but that, just to allow new players to have a bit of catch-up before the release, so if u have 8 chars and cry u didnt get a 9th with 120 and gear, then to bad, this was not for you.
  6. season1 rewards already working, if anyone were attending the PTR they could have tested both conquest system and arena any bracket rewards. working as intended.
  7. because now its retail like rate, where before the reputation you gained was x3.
  8. The admins decided only 1 out of all the realms, would be transfered, same situation greymane is in, everyone else is in, people on MoP who wanna try BFA guess what, they dont have any transfers aswell, wod, same thing. It's really simple, u want a transfer, make a 110 on sylvanas. U don't like it, that's just unlucky, there has been atleast 8 boris event and promotions which if u attended would have all the chars u wanted. and for your transmog and other donations, u dont lose them, u will have them on the char u donated on
  9. its not copied yet, it will be copied in about 12 hours.. so u have time to do it still.. gogogo
  10. but u don't though.. u donated and playd on greymane to bypass a bunch of stuff. the gear is irrelevant on BFA, since u have better gear from the first quests. u had plenty of oppetunity to get lvl 110's on firestorm sylvanas with boris and other promotions. u had so many custom stuff implemented on greymane that it simple just not fair to mix them with everyone else. u had mount vendors, gear vendors, and custom rates on stuff. even implemented special events. all of this would be transfered into the main population if it were transfered to the BFA realm. You do not deserve thoes mounts on your accountshare, u do not deserve thoes transmogs on accountshare. If u want to play BFA use a sylvanas char, or create a new one. I'm sorry but no more bypassing the game anymore.
  11. how about u put time into getting to know people, and their skills, insted of looking at item level, when u invite people for a raid? if u invite bad players into your raid, thats a you problem, not a firestorm problem. it takes almost no time to know if a player is good or not, just run a few quick dungeons and u can tell right away.. unless u are bad yourself and only base peoples skills upon item level. if that is the case, then yeah sorry can't help you
  12. LOL this is how you start your post " Hello, it's been a while since I wrote something here. Let's do a quick review about Raid things that are bugged and has been bugged for some weeks." This is not a "is the server worth playing on post" this is like a bugtracker post
  13. but its a very bias post though, wher are "oh so i did the full questline today, everything worked as it should, very nice" "so me and my friends did mythic+ it was fun" "my class is working and i am having fun" You are litterally only writing here if there is something to complain about. and exsample, scroll up just 1 time and u will find Hello, here is an updates for ppl, that don't know if it is worth to playing here. If you like Nightbane and Kara you are fucked up here. Why? Because you can not kill Nightbane in the time Run to get the mount. #69727 And on top of that, the ticket is almost 2 month old!! It's litterally just you complaining, so when u get salty u go here and write it down, then u go about your day, next time something u want to complain about, u go here. It's a very bias post, and does not show a complete picture of your exsperience of the server, I.E me saying "this is just a post about a salty man complaining"
  14. it has a loot save of 1 week, resets on wedensdays or tuesdays
  15. there are several spots in legion where u can grind, there is no #1 spot Valshara you will find a few spots, a bit south of the main flypoint, u will see tons of small mobs with almost instantly respawn timer.