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  1. yeah because there is no older versions of warcraft being played on private servers... there are more players, playing older versions than current on private servers. So to map out a server to keep going after new exspansion release aint a bad thing to do. if u wanna play all the content of current exspansion u should go retail, because u wont ever be able to do it on a private server, because blizzard will always be faster.
  2. getting every new trait is not hard, and is quite easy was done within 3 days for some players. the only difference in the AK will mean more concordance traits, and since concordance has a minus 65% use in PvP your arguement is invalid. no matter what AK it wont really effect the PvP side of things, on the other hand, it will effect PvE. And its not 55 anyways, u will be capped at 40, untill argus release. What u should ask for is AK template on greymane, or trait template so you start with a certain amount of traits, since greymane was made to lower the grind, but then again a lot of sylvanas players would prolly whine about that. Then the last thing and most importantly, u might think that legion ends when BFA comes out, but maybe that's not the care for the server, if they want a healthy and ongoing legion realm after BFA release, and the faster u get max AK the faster everyone will be maxed and server will "end" just like everything else. so there is also that to think off
  3. i absolutly understand how it works, but the chests are not a quest reward.. and the chests are random, and since u have no way to prove u actually lost the shards, nothing can or will ever be done
  4. the key is the quest reward, and that ends the quest chain u were on.. and opens the possibility of you going back to cave and gamble whenever u want
  5. lol thats not a quest reward, that is just gambling..
  6. yeah beacuse last time boris was here there was 9000 players stable for 3 months.. great logic mah dude u have.. keep talking
  7. boris brings customers, customers pays for the dudes who fix the stuff.. u want a server to play on? = yes
  8. wait wtf, u got 36000 shars from a quest?
  9. i've done all the mage towers on under ilvl 900 chars. it's not impossible.. just watch a few guides, and spend some time practice your kicks, and cc, since that is the most important things in the mage towers. It's not really about dmg, sure u do need some dmg, but the mage towers can be done with quite low gear.
  10. lol yes we do have 7.2 and we even got plenty of stuff from 7.2.5 and several game changing mechanics from 7.3.5 if u chose to respond to players forum post's don't troll them, if they are actually looking for serious answers.
  11. just play the game and u will get your legendaries. and if u think u need legendaries to be good at this game, then your prolly not very good. But fear not buddy, u can whisper tweek ingame, i can carry you for a small amount of gold in whatever content you need
  12. lol? it's not.. beta was patch 7.0.1 we had beta content and everything 1½ years ago mah dude
  13. ehm 2v2 bracket does not have rewards, only RBG and 3v3 dude
  14. that statement is based upon that the boxes for points wont come back, how do u know that, that is the case?
  15. why u want shop points for an event, just farm the pets, the mount, the legendary points.. don't be greedy, and have fun