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  1. the system is not individual... it's server side so if it works for 1 guy it works for all. and it does work
  2. the exact rates has not been made public, but the harder the content, the more points. since i do not have the exact rates, i can't tell you if a EN hc is equal to an Ranked BG or if Tov mythic is vs EN mythic etc. but the harder the content the more chance, and about that legendaries gets harder to get on retail, that is false, it was changed in patch 7.1.5 or patch 7.2 that after the 2nd there is no longer a decrease in chance. so for 3rd or 8th, same base chance
  3. well the ladder is not bugged, everyone is shown... and with the limits of X amount of games before u count then yes only 1 team would recive rank1 title, but that's not how it went.. there was no limit and therefor i think 2500 people or so was counted of not more. so it can still be done. if people want rank1, they just need to be in the 0.5% of th best players on realm, just like on retail. if u can't be in the 0.5% then u dont deserve the rank1 title, as simple as that
  4. As stated, the first two legendaries have an increased drop chance. That is why u see new chars getting one fairly easy, and even two. but after that point u are looking at a low chance, but you increase it with legendary points, you gain these by clearing any content. Some content gives more than other, because of difficulty clearing it. And don't think about days or weeks or even months between your drops because it depends on content cleared I.E points gathered, and not time playd. and the points don't make you get 100% drop chance, but it does increase the base drop chance. so if u want a higher chance for legendary, clear weekly content, and farm BG's/Mythic+ daily and many times a day, and u will get plenty.
  5. most likely it will follow the retail rules. so % split in factions.
  6. what will the state of the future patch be? since it's basicly a remake of the exspansion, with many major changes, can we exspect the content to be playable, or will the server "reset" to it's previous state of newer patch, but older content?
  7. What's the reasoning behind the prioritization of content progression over class fixes? several classes has been broken for 6+ months, where there has been a clear increase in content.
  8. Custom Hogger raid, where u get scaled down to lvl 5 and have to battle level 11 elite hogger, and as reward u get ilvl 800 items, u can then vendor for 5gold and 10 silver. atleast that was my idea, dunno if they accepted it.. X fingers it's this that is going to be applied
  9. not true, the WQ reward cap was upgraded to 865ilvl on patch 7.2 it's in patch 7.3 it get upgraded to 880. and patch 7.0.3-7.1.5 had cap of 845.
  10. okay guys.. listen carefully... NOTHING has or will be changed on the weekly chest... there is not going to be any changes, to the weekly chest and it will stay the same. the only thing that is going to change is that the SERVER ITEM LEVEL WORLD CAP is going to be 895. Meaning everything on the server can now forge up to this cap. a normal dungeon item can roll 895, a mythic+ item, a world quest item, a weekly mythic+ chest item. everything can now roll up to the server world cap. What changes for mythic+ end dungeon rewards, is that on level 13 & 14 u will now recive 870 and on 15 or more it will be 875. This changes nothing on the weekly, and does only effect the rewards u get when u finish a mythic+ dungeon.
  11. because it does have a base of 880 when u cleared mythic+10 or above, but the items themselves do not.. blizzard did not make an item for each mythic+ level and for each weekly reward, so their name is titanforged, but it does have a base as described. just don't look at the name, and u wont get confused. or look earlier post's when mythic+ came out and u can see a list of all base levels, no matter what the item name is
  12. no, u missunderstand how the weekly chest works.. because base is like i just wrote the rewards in weekly chests are titanforged, because they don't have their own base ilvl.. thats why u always get items named forged in weekly chest. but the "base" is 880 for doing a mythic+10 or more that week, that has not changed and will not change, and the change to get 885 is there after, nothing about the weekly chest will change with this update, only the rewards from the dungeons it self, at level +14 and +15
  13. Mythic1 = 840 Mythic2 = 845 Mythic3 = 845 Mtyhic4=850 Mythic5=850 Mythic6=855 Mythic7=855 Mythic8=860 Mythic9=860 Mythic10=865 Mythic11=865 Mythic12=865 Mythic13=870 Mythic14=870 Mythic15 or above =875
  14. 2 bugs? in a full dungeon, and they are fixed already... btw i was the one who tested it over and over and over and over and over, think i tested if 17 times the last two weeks before release, and there is always a bit of bugs when u implement a full dungeon to the server, but it's a very well working dungeon and in very high quality. And making passiv agressive post's like this, then ofc. u will get a respond like the one i posted.
  15. 7.2

    That's not true, Mythic EN actually works quite well, u can go clear it on live and see for yourself. And if u check the list of upcoming stuff, u will see that shortly we will have full 7.0.3 content, and content of 7.1 was only karazhan. That will leave ToV, and nighthold was released a week before 7.2 came out. What would 7.2 bring? Well 7.2 is pretty much just an upgrade of the game, a mini exspansion u could call it, the world got changed, the broken shore, everything got a boost, the world got harder, meaning hp/dmg on every mob in the game, also inside dungeons. The artifact system got reworked. That's what 7.2 will bring, to do this would make sens no matter what content is avaible, since it will bring a lot of world content, and not just dungeons and raids. That being said, 7.3 did the exact same thing as 7.2, changed the game and moved it to a new place, and changed a lot of mechanics of the game, and a full new zone, that pretty much made rest of the game useless. The admin has many options, and what he choses to do, no one really knows. He could do it patch by patch, that would take the longest of time, since u need to script everything that was implemented, and then rescript it on every patch update, or he could go straight end patch, and script it backwards.. But so far, we still have a lot to do, we still got 2 raids now that EN mythic is very good and up to standart of soon be released, so enjoy the patch, there will be plenty of content, and lots to do / play, and personally i think it would be a shame to jump to 7.3+ since it would skip a lot of content and fun.