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  1. I know this is an old post but worth the shot. At 90lvl horde when I'm starting in Tanan I only have 1 quest which is bugged and 2 portals to Ashran. I cannot continue because I don't see any npc's or quests. Is there any way to start the garrison and pass Draenor content?
  2. Sorry if this is posted too many times? When can we expect 7.3.5 on Sylvanas? Thank you very much.
  3. What @NoSense said " So basically i have to stop the downloading when he starts? And then, copy the old data folder (from 7.1.5) and then replace with FS files? that's it? " Exit BattleNet when copy/paste.
  4. @NoSense Correct!
  5. @Gladiator007 Under: 5.Copy "Data" folder from old client folder (in my case 1) to "World Of Warcraft" folder. "Data" folder is the whole game mate. In my case 55.6GB. So no you will only redownload/fix important missing stuff like in 1min.
  6. @Eyeless991 I had issue starting the client myself. What I did worked like charm: 1. Make a new folder called "World Of Warcraft" 2. Rename old client folder something ...example in my case was "1" 3. Download/install BattleNet and use install the game In "World Of Warcraft" folder. 4. Stop installation and exit BattleNet. 5.Copy "Data" folder from old client folder (in my case 1) to "World Of Warcraft" folder. 6. After successfully completing copy/paste start BattleNet it will rescan the folder for missing files. 7.When the button play is shown, close BattleNet. 8. Copy patched files from Firestorm know the rest. 9. Enjoy
  7. Sure but hey... at least pet battles work!
  8. Is a bad move maybe a bug , wait GM will fix it somehow !
  9. Same here !