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  1. Pservs OMEGA
  2. Hello today I'd like to address very many issues with the current pvp season summarizing how it is not playable at all. To begin you claim to have retail templates but nothing is like retail at all. For example I cannot play sub rogue at all even with the 10% trait cause it is terrible yet, I can play destro with half the traits double my dmg and never lose a game. Many people have been quitting the server and it seems firestorm has turned this new seasom into a fluke much expected. Do something about your server or keep watching the population go down as boris was the only reason you had 10,000 players online.
  3. U wont get ur title on dead wod server 10 players trashbox
  4. The rewards that are distributed will be given to the best players of the ladder without taking the faction nor the realm in consideration. People who most deserve every single player who's 1 to 5 played with a demo lmfao Try again next seaosn boys
  5. it seems you've mistaken me for a demo good try
  6. Imagine each realm independently receiving a reward sylvanas btw 1.9 r1
  7. @ItsArthurru wish u were getting ur title on 10 player wod trashbox
  8. Who even are u lol random trashcan talking to me sit down
  9. Rogue is just bad Rewards, master software engineer alec
  10. You think rogue is broken now when it's not good at all I will enjoy facing you all in 7.3.5.
  11. dh got fixed and now since u lose u complain that ur comp isnt good ur disabled enough by playing the two most braindead broken classes pce kid
  12. last season when dh was broken but now that its fixed who are u farming +1s ? i thought so
  13. imagine apestorm never beat me in 2s or 3s as rps?? and he plays most broken comp rofllllxxx
  14. maybe farm apestorm next time kid he's so easy lol
  15. playing with hpal when its most broken spec breaking every trap still winning sounds like conor