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  1. @Tavari just in case you don't have all the bugged ones
  2. Hey, could you make a list of the Mobs that have a very long spawn timer or don't spawn at all?
  3. <3
  4. They aren't available yet. But do you really want legendary items to farm Mythic? lol
  5. Funny how no one here seems to know what's happening on the dev situation when some staff members are practically telling everyone about it. Anyways, this post was really useful. I thought these world bosses weren't lootable now you're telling me you just have to do them a couple of times, FeelsGoodMan.
  6. So you mean for the second time in a row?
  7. You sure are a great guy! I have them too hahaha, when nostalgia hits I play them :') BTW: MY BODY IS READY FOR THIS *------*
  8. 1.Ratchet and Clank 1 (PS2) 2.Ratchet and Clank 3 (PS2) 3.Sly Cooper games 4.Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 (3 come out soon seriously, made me wait 5-7y just for a freaken trailer...) 5.World of Warcraft The freaken Burning Crusade <3 <3 <3 forever in my heart 6. Super Mario! 7.Warcraft 3 8.World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King 9.Jak & Dexter 10. GTA San Andreas Alternate list: Put ALL the Ratchet & Clank games in the top (except psp f*ck that) then Sly Cooper games then Tomb Raider Anniversary I think(Ps2)
  9. Well Day 1 of the quarter finals was AWESOME! Origen vs Flash Wolves The teams were really evenly matched but Origen won in the end, xPeke did a great job throughout the games and Soaz... Well Soaz had a pentakill no need for more information. Although, I got to give props to Maple, he played really well even when his entire team was feeding lol, felt like I was watching Bjergsen :3
  10. +1 I agree with this and having already made cross realm Battle Grounds, I think this is similar? Or maybe not, I'm not that good with coding... But it would be a great feature!
  11. haha I've wanted that so bad but after the last matches, I can't take Febiven out of Fnatic, he's just too good lol :') Xpeke should be retiring soon, maybe he'll be Origen's new coach or something then Bjergsen should go to Origen *---*
  12. LOL they said they would implant the ones form the cata and Wotlk into the MoP and WoD server, so the answer is YES but not now, probably in a few weeks
  13. Well Ares, as you mentioned it's the newest realm so might not be the one with the least bugs, that comes into consideration: If you want a server that's been on for yours and has been regularly fixing bugs: Wotlk or possibly Cataclysm (All raids scripted but still some class bugs) If you want a newer version with bugs still being fixed and not all raids available but still quite a few: MoP If you want the newest version that's still has quite a few bugs but is the main priority for the Devs and only 2 Bosses in one raid available: WoD
  14. LOL as if that'd be possible here, they already have enough problems binding your mounts to the whole account and now you want to transfer stuff between them?
  15. Well I'm a HUGE fan of Origen and I really hope they'll win (or Fnatic either way) but they'll (both) need a lot of improvement to get to the finals. They still have a lot to do but I have faith in them honestly, xPeke has a lot more to show *0* As for TSM, I'm so freaken disappointed... Dyrus will be missed but honestly, Bjergsen is way too good for TSM and should go back to EU + I never understood why they put soo much pressure on him seriously, he's a midlaner AND he has to call the shots?! #BjergsenComeBackToEU <3 PS: Rumor has it that Santorin might leave too (YAY)! Other than that, saying something about Koreans/Chinese would be useless they're just good.