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  1. Looks fine to me
  2. here 2s > 3s
  3. Negative
  4. Imagine alliance Rsham with vim and no earthshield playing into my rpp??? sounds like the freest puntos of me life
  5. top 0.1% is like 1 team am i correct? or are they doing top 0.1% of horde and alliance separately. If so then thats like 1 player or something.
  6. If you are queuing arenas and one of your partners don't join then you lose double the rating. I was playing 3v3s and my healer got disconnected and didn't join the game. So when we lost we were supposed to only lose -21, but ended up losing -43. As you can see in the first screenshot my rating was 2291. Then in the second one you can see that my rating is at 2248 and says that i lost -21. This bug is making playing this server unbearable. Pushing rating in 3v3s is hard enough on this server due to lack of ques, but when you lose -43 it makes it even harder to play here. plz fix ASAP thx
  7. imagine lf mythic +2 on a private server
  8. I made a ban appeal like 4 days ago and still no reply from a gm. I don't understand why its so difficult for them to view my ban appeal, since at this rate i will probably be unbanned before a gm even looks at it.
  9. Then don't play it and stick to pve.
  10. Lol look at all these 2s hero's complaining hahaha. Just que 3s if u want the title so badly
  11. Why am i so cute?
  12. So recently i was on my shadow priest and i found out that spectral guise wasn't functioning like it used to before. What i mean about this is when i apply power word: shield and use spectral guise, any form of dots or bleeds would instantly take me out of stealth. This isn't supposed to happen and it's really annoying since i cant use it to land surprise fears, or to get away from an opponent. It would be greatly appreciated if you could look into this and fix this.
  13. Well i guess you've never played arena's here and compared it to live. Literally 1 haunt and drain soul can get someone from 80%-10% and i'm not exaggerating at all. Why do you think so many warlocks are getting so high in 2s/3s, because they are "Skilled" lel.