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  1. That is a good idea actually. I know it would be a custom script but that's where blizzard messed up.
  2. Although the heritage quest does work, you're not alone in your issue. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'm thinking it might be related to the quest log full bug that seems to show up at 98-110.
  3. Mb, typed in nightsaber instead for some reason.
  4. It's not even in the shop. I'm gonna assume it's the same way as the void elf mount (which is working). You level to 110 on a nightborne and you will automatically get a quest in your log that will give you heritage armor+mount.
  5. Try joining an arena match and see if that fixes it.
  6. I got the void elf heritage armor on sylv and checked my greymane char just now. It has the heritage armor too. Also I should mention that even my low level void elf chars could mog heritage armor after getting the achieve on a previous 110.
  7. Just tried it a few times and also watched other people doing as the video does but there's no turn in/body after it all. I think if multiple people are doing it at the same time, it doesn't work. That's hard to avoid.
  8. This happened to me just now but deleting cache and error folders worked for me.
  9. Can't edit anymore but this is only happening to my hunter out of all my chars
  10. The legendary transmogrifier mostly follows the rules of transmog with a few exceptions. The daggers into warglaives. Since maces can mog into swords and axes, enh shamans can mog their artifact weapon into warglaives even though they cannot use swords at all (goes for others classes that can't wear certain weapons too). Edit: also I should mention that very rarely your mog can reset although I'm not sure what causes it. My bow reset my Thori'dal back to my normal artifact appearance 2 times so far since firestorm first added legendary transmog to legion (1 year I think).
  11. Talked to someone that leveled up two void elves from level 20 to 110 ingame. He said that his first one did not get the armor but the second time got him the armor. I'm seeing similar stories about it in world chat too. It seems like sometimes it just bugs so you have to re-level or make a ticket. It only took me the first try to get mine though.
  12. Are you trying to put in points into the extra rank for each trait that came with 7.3.5? I didn't put any single point into those and it's not resetting for me. I'm thinking that's the bugged part.
  13. Yes it's only if you level. Also I'm not sure if boosting works. There was someone in world chat saying he boosted to 100 and leveled from there but idk if that works.
  14. Bump. It works in case anyone reading is wondering. Just reached level 110 on my void elf.
  15. I was probably too early to ask since people need time to level