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  1. I think this guy wants 20% of the total sum of coins bought within 3 years,to be received as a gift on certain holidays like Halloween and Christmas.
  2. This is the greasiest bait i have ever seen.
  3. Did you submit the actual screen shot or did you edit it? Cropping the screenshot or zooming in counts as editing which is not allowed?
  4. If you have proof and screenshots you can file a report against him.
  5. Title: Add title "the immortal" Type: Shop Description:  I would like "the immortal" title to be added to the shop.
  6. You already have a legendary lootchest, if you want more legendaries you will have to wait until argus is released.
  7. Wouldn't really make sense until argus is not only released but actually properly scripted since on retail you need to complete a chain quest to start questing there.
  8. What error are getting?
  9. Hopefully this post will help you find a solution.
  10. Do you see the game application in task manager? Generally speaking when you launch a freshly downloaded game or a minimal client, it takes the game about 15 min to start up.
  11. Its not a blizzard mini event. This was the way people geared up in 7.2 and until argus gets released, this method will remain.
  12. If your bags are full it should be redirected to your mailbox.
  13. Update your client to 7.3.5 using the firestorm launcher.
  14. Selling characters through 3rd party means is a bannable offense.