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  1. Restarting my computer worked for me however, try going into your wow directory folder, right clicking on it and choose properties. Uncheck the box that says "Read Only" and hit apply/ok
  2. There are bugs in every new patch that this server releases. Your best bet is to find out what doesn't work properly, finding out how its SUPPOSED to work on retail and directing the attention of the devs to it. Make a report on the bugtracker, ask guildies and players on global to upvote it. You can also link in the official firestorm discord and ping the gms/quality assurance members so that they notify the devs of this pressing issue. As for the population, well it will never drop considering that most of the players on this server are the same hispanics you see incapable of finishing a dungeon or completing objectives in pvp so to them bugs aren't a bother.
  3. That's a pretty good joke. When bfa comes out legion is gonna get abandoned just like wod did when legion came out.
  4. The whole point in buying a profession is so that you won't have to level it to yourself. This service boosts you UP to legion level and then its on you to continue from that point on and to obtain recipes.
  5. So let me get this straight, you want the server to fix your client side problem that your ISP is causing?
  6. I am not sure if the chances have been changed however back when there were only EN lootboxes, some player opened over a 100 of them and didn't get even one legendary. As for the chance to drop, that's determined on how much time you spend playing. For instance if you farm raids and mythic plus dungeons or even battlegrounds/arenas you will greatly increase your chance of obtaining a legendary. I don't believe lootboxes increase your chance as its a consumable item, however i could be wrong.
  7. What country are you from? If you are from germany i believe they censor and restrict internet access to certain sites and servers.
  8. No, you're not specific at all. You linked a picture where you looted some items without showing the inside of your inventory. And only after another person states to be more specific do you notify everyone that you have missing items.
  9. wow expansion

    "Korean games" where have i ever mentioned anything about those? Have you played on a private server where you can buy the latest and highest item level pvp and pve gear as well as trinkets? By the looks of it you didn't. So tell me what advantage do players have over others with what firestorm offers?
  10. Icecrown Citatdel works, it drops gear, gives titles and bosses can be killed. Dragon soul works as well except for madness of deathwing. I don't know about throne of four winds. Also having lootboxes isn't pay 2 win, so many players complain about it but you guys have never played on p2w server. A player bought 120 boxes got only two 880 pieces a bunch of ap and mats. No legendary. The developers are busy as it is fixing new content for progression and couldn't care less about previous xpac raids.
  11. wow expansion

    Pay 2 win, oh my sides. You honestly have never seen what pay to win truly looks like if you believe loot boxs and selling gold is pay to win.
  12. Good luck getting your appeal read or having a GM message you back regarding your issue. If the person you are required to speak with has been inactive for a long time then there probably is no chance that you will be unbanned until the suspension is over.
  13. -.-

    They fixed the legendary ring for elemental and enhancement shamans so now when they do PROPER dps. The shamans don't feel OP anymore so no one wants them in high level mythic plus or mythic raids.
  14. PvP on legion is trash anyways so it won't matter if you get a pvp server.
  15. The fact that mobs still lose aggro and randomly switch to players is enough of a bug.