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  1. I think this guy wants 20% of the total sum of coins bought within 3 years,to be received as a gift on certain holidays like Halloween and Christmas.
  2. Did you submit the actual screen shot or did you edit it? Cropping the screenshot or zooming in counts as editing which is not allowed?
  3. If you have proof and screenshots you can file a report against him.
  4. Title: Add title "the immortal" Type: Shop Description:  I would like "the immortal" title to be added to the shop.
  5. You already have a legendary lootchest, if you want more legendaries you will have to wait until argus is released.
  6. Wouldn't really make sense until argus is not only released but actually properly scripted since on retail you need to complete a chain quest to start questing there.
  7. Its not a blizzard mini event. This was the way people geared up in 7.2 and until argus gets released, this method will remain.
  8. Not anymore as blizzard has updated their client to 8.0.
  9. Yes that maybe the issue, i downloaded the full client and have no problems with latency whats so ever.
  10. Make sure you have the proper addons installed so that there isnt any conflict between them. You can try disabling your addons to see if that changes anything. Make sure nothing is downloading in the background.
  11. Restarting my computer worked for me however, try going into your wow directory folder, right clicking on it and choose properties. Uncheck the box that says "Read Only" and hit apply/ok
  12. I am interested in the experiment, private message me the discord link so that we can discuss it further.
  13. I have the full retail client updated with my realm list and .exe files altered by the firestorm launcher just so that i can connect to the server. As of 7.3.5 my fps dropped dramatically to the point that if there's any particle density on the floor my fps drops from 30 to 8. Post 7.3.5 i had 60+ fps.
  14. As far as i am aware you are incapable of receiving the hidden artifact skin for paladins without buying it from the shop.