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  1. thank you for one answer, but what about the other questions? what about my mog bug>? maybe if you clone the char, and delete the original my collection will be fixeed? i cannot full hardy enjoy the game without propper mog collection MOG IS LIFE PVP sucks
  2. i would also like to seggest to breing up the expeariance rate for proffesions i've tested another server which have 7.3.5 on it, to see the differnces. and i think firestorm can learn from athisa. now im not premoting it , but i think they can learn from it mistakes. for one thing, there is a fix needed for server migration. my main char migrated from ashran to sylvanes, and it hurt the collection system tremendously, making it, earie for me to enjoy the game. Now Athissa evloved from valhalla, but it migration system works better, for that i think firestorm COULD learn. another thing is For the allied races, together with hertige, should, for RP perperses, add tabards for them, and a small costume NPC vendor for tabards, in Main citys (ogrimmar and stormwind ) the third is toon slot . it was 16 in athissa. maybe firestorm can have it 20? again for RP perperses mostly )
  3. will it feature heretige armor?