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  1. Howdy y'all. I'd like to say that if you're having problems with the guild website, please use http://thewarlords.at.ua/mobile.html OWO
  2. Title: Shop/Toys Type: Shop Description: Hey everyone! As you're probably going to update the shop for BFA anyway, could you please add the [S.E.l.F.I.E. Camera] to the Shop too? The quests seem to be bugged on the Legion realm as I checked last time, even though I reported it last year when the realm got patched to 7.3.5.
  3. Title: Username Change Type: Website Description: It would be nice if there is a button that allows us to change our username on the website. I mean the username required for logging on older expansions. Legacy username, I think. You can change the email, the password, but you can't change the username. I see no reason why there would be no option for that.
  4. Just add the selfie cam toy on the store ... :doge: