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  1. I have exactly the same problem!! I completed the mage tower fair and square with my warlock and now my mount is gone, wtf
  2. The same happened to me! I just logged in today and it was there but whenever I tried to use it, it said I didn't meet the requirements for the mount
  3. Same here. My lock's class mount is gone - whenever I try to use it it's stated "you do not meet the requirements for this mount" too. It's so unfair
  4. So I have a lvl100 character but I actually am going to delete it cuz I already have that class lvl110 and geared up. However, if I race change him into a Nightborne and level him to 110 I'll get the heritage armor and the mount correct? So if after that I delete him like I was going to, will I be able to keep the heritage armor and the mount in my previous Nightborne (the one I talked about in my first post) ??
  5. I believe you have to have a lvl100 character to create a demon hunter. Just like you would need to have a lvl 60 character to create a death knight back in Wrath of the Leach King Expansion.
  6. I completed the mage tower with my ilvl870 destruction warlock and it was really easy!
  7. I race changed my lvl110 Blood Elf to a Nightborne Elf and I didn't get the heritage armor nor the mount. I've tried going to the nightborne starting area but there was no armor quest there...what should I do??