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  1. Fix your game, dude. My screen is stucked after i select the realm. And if i do any move, the game stop working.
  2. If im 1850 you must be like 1600?? Just asking LUL
  3. You're talking like DH/MW are the only specs with problems. Dh damage sits in a good spot, a DH is able to ''drain'' the life so easy of a resto druid with full hots and bear form active by not even popping shit(On pretty much no dampening, maybe 5% max). He literally just 1234 and the druid gets to 80% in a matter of seconds. And also, MW damp healing is pretty much over any healing spec(in 2s at least) + the insane mobility, is retarded. DH/spriest can pretty much outpressure as heck every comp(knowing the sp current state..), maybe not sp/demo; bala/demo. In 7.3.5 you can play x3 monk, it's fun.
  4. Otherelse, i agree with what you said. PvP isn't stable and i don't know a thing: So, if there is/are a/more spec(s) bugged and makes the PvP annoying for other players.. why don't they try to focus on the specific spec(s) and fix them ASAP? This is so horrible.
  5. 2s rewarded? Im sure that my brain isn't lagging and tomorrow is 6th March 2018 btw.
  6. They are Mongoloids Gladiators. It's so sad to abuse something just to get a title(on a private server). :))
  7. (PvP) I wonder what next class/spec is going to be broken. The expectations from 7.1.5 upgrade will match this one. Kappa
  8. How are they able to end a season when 60% of the players are not shown on the ladder.. ...Not mentioning that the bugs should have a higher priority.
  9. The (G)old PvP topics, haha.. -I wish we had Holinka as a PvP designer!! Kappa.
  10. (Just mentioning..) 0.5% is for Gladiator. Rank 1's are hanging at 0.1%.
  11. The season started somewhere on 18 of December.. just a month long.. lol Btw, the ladder is pretty sad imo. How can you give 1-10 R1 when the 10th place has 1.8k rating?
  12. Its a pre-season, so, i think they wont "struggle" to give to the players rewards in 2v2 as they ll do in WoD(pvp there is more balanced -better scripted-). And also 2v2 is a ridiculous bracket + it become worse when not even 70% of spells/mechanics are working(dis/advantages, abusers). But.. is their choice afterall.
  13. Looking for a staff member that's capable to resolve something about my account. If you're down to do it, please PM me. I wanna talk about it in private.
  14. First of all, many classes are bugged on FS, in terms of damage/healing/absorbtion etc.. In this case you can't really know what truly happened. There are many improvements to healing spells. Do you know for sure that the druid used Regrowth only?? There is a chance that he repedeatly used 2 healing spells and also have good procs. What if he did Regrowth>Swiftmend?(adding the full HoTs and the healing improvements for them) or if he did Regrowth>Renewal(in this case he can't have Displacer Beast) (+having HoTs etc..) Or if he was playing the SoTF talent + Renewal. So, it would go like this: Regrowth healing increased by 200%; Renewal: heals for 30% of the caster maximum health, adding the dampening, that would be 12% of total health (+having HoTs and such).. That guy healed for 31% (from 3% to 34%). Half of that is just from Renewal, aprroximately. I see 1.4k's DH's here complaining about healers. Well, i know that the templates/spells/mechanics are a mess, but stay clear, the damage classes are also bugged. So, if healers are getting fixed, so should the damage classes. After healers will be optimised, don't think you ll be able to kill a healer, alone, with no dampening and being a 1.4k rated. (If Firestorm don't look a little to the dmg classes too, well.. you ll be able to kill even a decent one :thinking:).
  15. Omg, this server... Since when is the pre-season rewardable??! And with PvP titles? :))) lol.. What doesn't Cashstorm do to keep the players..