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  1. I didn't even intend to write an "intellectual" essay. I just shared my thoughts real quick. If they would choose that one MMR option, obviously they have to work on it, right??! Is your brain damaged or you're just typing for your sake?? And this is my last reply for you. You have the last words.
  2. Are you retarded?? I said to make the MMR system blizzlike, to work on it... I know how MMR works on firestorm, very shit...
  3. BETTER: Reset rating to 0 but don t reset MMR or Reset to 0 everybody's rating but let EVERYBODY start from 1.8k+ mmr or Reset MMR+Rating to 0 but make it more blizzlike(example: lets say we start from 1500mmr.. The winner better claim +50mmr if the opposing team mmr is very similar(+- 20mmr difference) so this way it ll be easier to claim ratings. Choose one of those, Thanks.
  4. When i said that traits affect PvP i meant for the stamina. Capped at 40 until Argus :// That's quite sad, but i hope Firestorm give us Argus before we reach 40 AK. Trait templates, hmm.. i don't think is necessarily, because, if we have for example 35 AK, we are going to unlock 40 traits in 1day(not an entire 24h). Yes, i understand what you mean. But, don't worry, people are not willing to leave after reaching 55 AK, there are many things that you guys have to bring on for us, so, the content will not be in a good spot until maybe Q3-Q4 2019 (And here i take in consideration ALL the "roots" of PvP and PvE).
  5. Title: Artifact Knowledge System [Legion] Type: In-game Description:  Hello. I want to suggest an increasement for the Artifact Knowledge System on Firestorm:Legion. Like a catch-up cap, since the server has been upgraded unexpected from 7.1.5 to the last patch. Before anything else, yes, i know how the AK System worked on live (same as it is currently working in Firestorm, +1 AK level per week). But we all know that Firestorm is a Private Server, making it so hard for the players i think this is not the best idea. By increasement i was thinking at doubling it, so, a +2 AK per week would make the game more enjoyable, because the PvP season is not that fun to play(Why? We have 7.3.5 templates/mechanics with 7.1.5 traits! (Most of the people having around 40 traits, the PvP state is disadvantaged by the low AK) And gear got affected by the server upgrade! ..Not mentioning the miss calculations of some spells that are doing more damage/healing than on live..). But.. The server being currently at 27 AK, this means in 28 weeks (7 MONTHS) we shall have the maximum AK (which is 55). So, what about shortening the 7 months into 3.5 months (14 weeks)?? In my opinion this may be a GREAT help for the server and many others will support this suggestion. I'm waiting for the clever answer. Thanks in advance!
  6. People are going mad with the reports!!! LUL
  7. ''For now'' Just wait a little boys.. There will be a MW/Disc/DH queing day and night. LUL
  8. Sylvanas gets pruned. LUL
  9. "Top 1 to 15 : Gladiator, Gladiator: Legion Season 1 and the mount Vindictive Gladiator's Storm Dragon." (2v2) LUL 1-15 now... Firestorm please prune us more and give glad for 1-100. But seriously plis staph dis.
  10. I would vote for giving r1 to everyone then. This season.
  11. Imagine getting r1 with 1.7k rate. 4Head
  12. Or you can give titles like Duelist, Rival, Challenger only. For people who just tryhard in 2s. Glad in 2s shouldn't be a thing. Like Freakz did.
  13. Technically speaking, Mr. Tweek. Technically. Don't lick all this salt.
  14. Firestorm:Legion is in late BETA and you want a BFA server? :'((