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  1. Update: Antorus 9/9 nm
  2. So exited... today we'll do second wing of antorus.
  3. 2/3 Antorus hc we won´t give up Next try on Sunday, if you interested in joining us you´re welcome to join our Guild. Contact us @ or whisper ingame.
  4. I hope they will release next Bosses soon...
  5. good job mates
  6. ToS nm 6/9 again, no progression for this week but we´ll keep trying on next Sunday.
  7. yes more and more ppl are joining our guild welcome to all new members
  8. Jesterday we killed one more ToS boss on normal mode. So we have killed all available bosses in mormal mode. In heroic ToS we stuck at 2/5 possible bosses, but we´ll try more every sunday.
  9. The guild is growing well...
  10. Yes we finaly did it, Gul´dan has fallen on tuesday, We did it with only guildmembers if you want to be a part of this don´t be shy and contact us in Game.
  11. We´re offering Raids on Sunday and Monday or Tuesday. Contact us if you want to be a part of our Guild. see you in Game Medevas
  12. up^^
  13. up!
  14. can´t wait anymore^^
  15. @Learntofly yes you´re right but on retail are raids with better gear, here not. They can´t give us 900+ loot because we would be overgeared for next Raidtier and content. By the way if we get better gear the lootboxes would be obsolet.