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  1. and up again^^
  2. and up again^^
  3. up up up
  4. Up... to... the... Top!
  5. Up!!!
  6. and... up again!!!
  7. Up... Up... and away!
  8. Up... Up... aaaand... Up!
  9. you equiped them before you loged on alt?
  10. dungeons

    We had same problem on NL+11 all mates alive. It was a save victory. At 16% Server crashed. It was our first Key on this high level with our group. GM don´t interestet and told us to try again. -.-
  11. I dont understand why the Devs dont choose 1 day per week for Maintenance work. Server could be closed for players and devs have all time to fix bugs and implement new updates. But this up and down is only annoyingly and ruins the gameplay.
  12. Yes it was a better system as the new Chests in the Shop. I used VIP permanent. But i will not support realm by buying that chests - were is the fun by shopping gear?
  13. In my opinion these boxes have an negative influence to the course of the game.
  14. Pls Admins we want to discus the new boxes an i think everybody has the right to share his opinion. I cannot understand why you delete every try to do this.
  15. Also wir bei Furchtlos haben in der Regel alle den deutschen und englischen world_chanel aktiv und verfolgen auch das ein oder andere Geschriebene. mfg Medevas