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  1. We got many new Players, contact us if you want to be the next.
  2. alive and we´ll be ready for 7.3.5
  3. Thanks tweek, you confirmed my thoughts.
  4. Up!
  5. On Discord i got the information that 7.3.5 is planed for April but no specific day is set yet.
  6. I hope we will continue this way very long time. For this goal we´re lucky about every new member. So dont be shy and contact us if you´re interested.
  7. and up again!
  8. I think the 4 Subraces will be playable and Flying should be enabled. Artifactweapon will be upgradet. Storycontent and PvE Instances will follow later. But finaly step by step we will get 7.3.5
  9. aaand up...!
  10. Now we´ll offer two days for raiding, if you interested contact us.
  11. up! ^^
  12. We got many new Players, i hope many more will follow. So dont be shy and contact us here or ingame.
  13. up...
  14. and up again^^
  15. and up again^^