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  1. Some info about legendaries would be nice.
  2. lol which country you from
  3. Lootbox doesn't add to legendary bad luck protection not sure though.
  4. its pretty expensive though seems like a terrible deal 400 points lmao its random too so yeah
  5. tooltip/visual bug most probably it works fine
  6. This really is gonna ruin bgs for syvalans realm for sure we all know what happens when instant 110 chars are offered it becomes full of fly hackers and shit god i really hope they manage them conisdering how they seem to lack the staff for it. Also i dont mind if syvlanas realm gets level prestige 1 really doesn't hurt anybody cuz as far as i know retail honor for talents got doubled or something idk its really fast there.
  7. The instore legendary boxes don't have bad luck protection on them(thank god lol) so its going to be random no matter how many you open.
  8. every guild has its bunch of losers best not to pay attention i mean gms here said reports which tell you to kill yourself are invalid(you can just ignore lmao) so yea not much you do.
  9. well somewhere its points someplace its % its confusing really and with this points idk how it offset bad luck
  10. Link to the announcement please cant find it anywhere
  11. its pure luck know several ppl who play all day and no legendary and besides if u play char a lot the drop rate for first is suppose to be high or maybe its i next patch idk.
  12. If you ever get disconnected from the server and the fault is on ur side,You literally can't log back in i have been trying since half an hour and it keeps saying failed to connect. My net works fine now and i can see everything else just can't log in the game so frustrating... This was the case before too but that time u had to basically restart firestorm two-three times and it worked now tho i looks impossible so frustrating. This is just a discussion not a bug report.. i guess.
  13. you sure that works? blacklisting i mean i will try if it does great news i mean the ignore feature didn't work so i thought no blacklist heh. Also i dont care about winning or losing but queing into av 9-10 times is simply not fun or pvp.. yes there are skirmishes.. but srslys those are about mongoing ur dmg into a person its a joke... but thats wow devs fault but damn it sucks :>
  14. Are they bugged? do some mechanics not work? what mechanics are bugged? i can do 220k sustained dps on dummies with them and right now i am full mastery(which includes gemming for example str+mastery in red sockets) but see that 220 is probably 170-150k as howling blast hits 2 targets.. Also does duel wield have a weak opener or what? because i use a pvp weapon for 2h and i still did more dmg in opener than duel wield
  15. But that means you have to download the whole game again right?