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  1. Hello i want to share bug with you I have 890 ilvl chest with higher stats, still less ilvl and less stats than with 880 ilvl chest, please fix it Thanks
  2. When you're buying leylight shards through blood of sargeras be aware of buying it at once, because you get scammed, it will give you 1 leylight shard for 1 blood of sargeras, but it should give you 3 leylight shards.. be aware of this scam... I got scammed too and i am tilted as fck. Please FIX it
  3. Hooray! Boris is back from jail! He isn't mana addict anymore! Btw. I like recruit a friend but i still think it's too much overpowered.. i don't have friends, because i play wow.
  4. Ohh thank you, i didn't even know i have garrison tier 3, now i know where is the problem...
  5. Hello i have problem with my garrison, there are no NPCs but i need them to obtain some items, please fix my garrison, it happened when i transfered from Gul'dan to Sylvanas and from Alliance to Horde, but now i need garrison so i beg you to sort this bug out, thanks Nick - Skinnypimp
  6. I tried to die but he is still with me! Cursed Minecart, GM please Help!
  7. Hello, I have problem with my character, i was in Battleground and server crashed, but i have still minecart attached to my character, i tried - Relog, Join BG/Arena, Unstuck etc but still he is appearing, for example i will go to BG, he will dissappear but after 15 minutes he is attached to me again! WTF? I dont even have any buff, i cant even mount if he is attached to me, please unbug me. Thank you.
  8. legion/sylvanas

    Just do that, because otherwise instant 20ak on alt is so boring and it ruins a game? Your words....
  9. legion/sylvanas

    Okay, so delete your play account where you have 25 AK and start from 0? Then we could talk about it
  10. legion/sylvanas

    don't even pay attention to tweek, he is anti-newbie. Ignore him
  11. Please fix atleast for new players who would like to play fair-play
  12. still waiting for response...
  13. Problem is that new players can't catch players who grinded from the start, this is the problem, and also is problem that raid leaders will rather invite players who have more artifacts traits than new players. That's why Blizzard implented this catchup mechanic, and you're talking against it. Your arguments are not arguments, but if you already have 25 AK. I understand you, because u want to feel better, because you did it.. you waited so long and you don't want the newbies to be as good as you. + what time are you talking about? Is it too hard just start Wow.exe, login and make next work order? This is that "put more time into the game" ROFL.