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  1. Hello everyone , I've downloaded the full firestorm game second time (this has no bounds with the solution ) , and I've started to try doin things about the CAS error . Ok so what made it work ? Step 1 : Download the full game from with Firestorm's torrent Step 2: Delete/Uninstall Firestorm launcher Step 3: Reinstall Firestorm launcher Step 4 : Run Firestorm launcher , select the option Already Installed ? from wod section, Select directory of ur full game , let it do the stuff it has to do Step 5 : Open wow folder , delete WTF folder , then delete WoW.mfil , then move to the Interface and download the ADDons follder. Step 6 : Go to the place you have your wow folder ( you must select your wow folder in this step , like the folder that contains everything ) , right click on WOW folder , unceck read only for the enire folder hit OK Step 7 : Play and send gold to Gcdhacker on Grommash P.S: hope it works for you It did worked for me HF
  2. Damn i'm really sorry like 4real It worked for me this way I just wanted to share with you
  3. try like this delete ur wow folders ( keep 1 in safe that's working in a diffrent partition of ur storage ) Download full client agin uninstall firestorm launcher , restart PC , install firestorm launcher go to I've already have full version when you loged in in launcher select directory of the full client hit OK then DO everyting from Step 5 -6 and 7 if it works
  4. maybe for you , idk , maybe it works for other players ...
  5. Well I just shared with you what worked for me nothing more or less
  6. At step 6 to be able to unceck read only rightclick on wow folder hit proprieties then you will see read only and unceck it ( I couldn't edit the post idk why )