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  1. Thx.. after some DC's today, there's suddenly Fell ore
  2. I'm glad there are stuff to ore in Outland But Fell ore is still not possible, but Adamantite and Khorium are And i lvl up JC.. Prospecting Adamantite should give 99% of the time Adamantite Powder but it looks more like 0% as i found nothing after 200st of it So still allot of work to be done. in just that part alone :'(
  3. i transfer a lvl 100 char to Legion, i let it look for dungeon stuff, it found a group, i got in and the game crashes, i get back in 2x more with crashes, and now it crashes nonstop with logging in, i had this bp before, the i am stuck option doesnt help, so some one out there know how to fix my char Tiyanak in Legion
  4. and after some more tying its suddenly online.. so nvm.. *cough*
  5. Well.. server is up, 1h30min, but when i wanna log in it claims its offline..
  6. for me i only want my priest lvl 100 and then its mostly Legion..:)
  7. k thx for the reply
  8. will it ever be online ? bc i rarely play wow and its (again) or still as for me , Offline..