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  1. I did the quest for the dalaran port stone , took the flight , the game then crashed , when i loaded back in the stone was gone i spent an hour looking to see were i can get a replacement but there is none on any vender , in the end i had to set dalaran as my home , i just hope the port stone is not needed later with in the game or i'm screwed i already had to restart my player as i dropped the quest for the eye laser , when to pick it up again only to find you cant ! please in put a vender with the port stone replacement in or on it (as the loss was due to the game crashing i lost it )
  2. Hiya guys just wondering why all the dc's in such a short time ? iv counted up to 9 dc's with in less than 15 mins .. and its starting to happen daily ... so whats going on here ?
  3. having the same problem here , iv been dc'ed 5 times in a row in under 10 mins !
  4. Is anyone else finding there drop on the daily boss is just the same item over and over ? or is this a bug (with panda's ) ? for the passed week every day iv have the same blue trinket drop .. and im finding this to be a bit strange its always the same one ..