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  1. U can equip 2 legendaries now too...u just have to do the order advancement tree in ur class hall...last trait is that u can equip 2 legendaries It may be 3 on 7.3
  2. First of all nice post man , well done... I agree with most of the stuff but i disagree with some too I think u can get gear pretty easily, doing arenas mostly - world quests - bgs - and from loyalty points. I really wouldnt give money to gear a character. One thing i've found out is that u cant sell ur character without donating and that sucks( cause i could sell a really geared character at a low price) I agree with the xmog options we least there can be vendors where u can buy mogs with marks of honor( it seems fair in a pvp-fun server) And last but not least the biggest problem for me is the pvp bugs and the balance between classes here. this can really take the fun out... I only hope that in next patch the pvp balance would be better as both legion servers (sylvanas-greymane) are running for a while now and the things need fixing are obvious. Peace
  3. Facing Lock: the feeling that u are playing like u deserve to be in bliizz championship with what u had just healed with ur healer!!! LOL
  4. Is there a way to sell my char in greymane(resto druid 881 with 2 legendaries) to buy a druid character in Garrosh server??? ithink its the MoP one. Without buying 100 Firestorm points... I mean its a geared character and all iwant is to play Mists of Pandaria( i've found out i prefer MoP after all...) Thanks
  5. Well ask a high rated lock to answer they know better man... i just know that is not the way locks do damage cause ive played in official too!!! its like 2 locks doing damage together!!!! Its not my job to find the exact bug neither the percentage of extra damage that is firestorms job to do....but every single one devent player ive ever talked too agrees that this is insane not logical ducking bugged damage demos have right now...even when u outplay them even then the damage is not logical i dont know exactly what it it the pets damage is it some spells damage the survivability of locks i dont know exactly...i know how it feels in comparison to official I play resto druid over 6 years now believe i know when something its retarded
  6. Delaying??? These bugs we are talking about are since DAY 1!!!! And no ducking responce from Firestorm stufff.... i just want an answer...Are they gonna fix em?? they gonna w8 for next patch??? they dont give a duck?? But they are fixing animation and they dont care of fixing pvp in a pvp server Answer Firestorm guys ANSWER
  7. And Retardedspec if i may say something to u with respect... Every retard plays lock here and some of em are just bad players man who u outplay in arena and still win cause of the bugs... Doesnt refer to u but wtf man u should be the one that tells how shitty this situation is cause u know lock better than me man... And wouldnt u prefer to win a match where the teams have the same chances of winning??? i mean i dont care of be rank 1 when i know i have an advantage i dont get the joy man...i just like the game and want to play it properly and if i am not good i prefer being low rated forever cause the best may win not the best bugs!!!!
  8. Stop complaining??? What are u talking about?? Of course i am complaining... It is not a little bugged mate it is ducking impossible to win against demo and bm right now...the damage is insane, ooo sorry INSANE!!!! I am resto druid and i can not play like that it is unplayable...every time i face demo locks im totally tilted Its like doing 2v3!!! really!!! PVP server in which u can not do pvp is not pvp server at all. The real deal isnt who is playing the bugged classes here, is if and when are they even consider to look at these matters cause it seems that noone in Firestorm has even the decency of replying to us and tell us something like " ok guys we'll look into these matters" THEY DONT GIVE A DUCK ABOUT IT AND THIS SUCKS And dont forget these bugs are from day 1 in Greymane DAY 1 !!!!!!!!!!!! I guess the gms play demo
  9. Well it was about ducking time someone speaks of it too!!! I've been making complaints for the bugs since day 1 my friend and it seems they dont care...they only care about donations and how many people are online( prove me wrong firestorm guys answer me for once...) Are u gonna fix any bug here ever?( cause i would like to play in another server if u never gonna fix them) U can go high rating here only with lock and bm thats true and sad... And yes if u are good u win them but if they are the same good as u they beat u cause of the fucking bugs...its so frustrating I cant play my class FIrestorm guys ANSWER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive made a topic here ive tried everything and no ducking responce
  10. First of all i dont know if i am in the right section, if not im sorry.... I am starting this topic cause in 2v2 arena a deathknight was moving inside cyclone and everytime i log a warlock is in the other side. Well i dont know if warlocks must survive that long and do crazy damage... i mean an affli lock is now a god i arena. If locks are that way nowadays legion sucks and if there are bugs pls fix them cause cant play like that. its unenjoyable and people seem to leave server cause of that. All u see in arenas is demo locks - affli locks - bm hunters - and deathknights right now. Its another thing some classes to be better in 2v2 but bugs definitely have something to do about it. I dont want to leave server cause i like pvp and legion but i cant play like this Respectfully a bugged overgrowth resto druid player Please comment and write down any bugs u found out guys, at least if we know them we can play better