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  1. IT. GETS. BETTER. This isn't the one where you said you were 2.9, but here's one where you said you were R1 YIKES.
  2. Being a meme based on everyone. You can grab a random 1500 player on Firestorm who's never even met you, ask them about Carax and they'll tell you he's an utter spanner. Imagine being KNOWN for being a retard. Yes, you can still have friends but no actual partners, but you have neither LOL. As to screenshots of you lying about your exp, Jawn has sent at least 2 in Discord at one point. Unfortunately, I don't hate you enough to start looking through my entire Discord for SSes of every retarded thing you've done, Jawn's left my Discord and I can't make use of the `from: x has: image` function, if it was even in my Discord that he sent it. I don't watch your stream, I'm going off 'uv played all of legion for 10 hours a day streaming and ur literally still dogshit LOL???' No1 that hates you follows your stream, so changing your name does make it harder to find you--which you know. Save the BS with 'personal reasons'. The last bits of your retarded reply is just you posturing with your inflated ego: 'make my vods for subs only or would completely start a new twitch account and go undercover'; no one would sub to you if you made chat sub only and you'd lose your meager following if you made a new twitch account, which would mean you lose all your sense of self-worth. Keep at streaming if that's what you want to do, little man, I'm not one to piss on someone for following their passion. Funny how you're using your alter ego and trying to act smart instead of going the 'HAHA I FAKED A SS AGAINST YOU AND GOT YOU BANNED!!!11' retarded Carax way we're used to. Are you bipolar or something?
  3. > Is on a private server thread about a private server topic > Brags about private server titles and events > > Swavy btw. Imagine being a meme on Firestorm for the past 3 years, going to retail and becoming a meme there as well. Imagine lying in LFG about '2.9k multiglad exp'. Imagine being in LFG permanently because you have no friends. Imagine being 24 years of age and streaming 10 hours daily for 20 people. Imagine having to change your Twitch username every month just to try and avoid everyone that doesn't like you.
  4. Problem is I don't play on Main Noire. French players get a 50% damage and healing increase. FeelsBadMan. Ty for the swaggy beats btw.
  5. Ah. I don't know how to delete my shit. FeelsBadMan.
  6. The fuck is their damage so high for? Played them four times and they top 2 million damage in a 2 minute game. It's so stupid. I'm calling the police. Main Noire favoritism confirmed and reported to the police.
  7. What offer?
  8. Please. Don't give people ideas.
  9. The free VPNs are slow as fuck. Who's gonna invest $10 per month to buy a VPN just to play on one private server? FeelsBadMan.
  10. Gonna donate so the dev team can buy better calculators, lol.
  11. Look on the arena leaderboard. Edit: There's also something such as an IP ban.
  12. So you get 300 honor per BG win. Do the math. 300+200% = 900 Yet I'm only getting 450 honor points / BG win. FeelsBadMan.
  13. The song.
  14. Oh man, oh man.