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  1. Nothing KappaCow
  2. Where is the paper with my name, you said you'll pin one? ._.
  3. You have to wait till you are chosen or the open beta opens (you will get an email). Topic closed and archived. Best Regards, Misahky Head Game Master - Grommash Realm
  4. Do you have a key for the legion server? If not then you can't connect to the realm.
  5. It will get looked into it. Topic locked and archived.
  6. A hotfix for the missing command table will be applied later today.
  7. The Beta will start today and invites will be sent later today too. Topic closed and archived.
  8. We are working on other realms as well. Just wait until the next updatepack arrives and you'll see.
  9. Open a ticket please, a Game Master can give you the Death Gate spell. Also please write next time in the correct section. Regards, Head Game Master Misahky -- Topic locked and archived
  10. Looks good :3
  11. If it can't be read, try to start it as Administrator. Maybe you don't have enough permissions to read that without starting it as Administrator.
  12. Legion is currently not the priority of the developers. We're still working mainly on WoD and MoP. No worries about that, other expansions won't be forgotten.
  13. All of them have the same development but are different because of the language. Realm: Main Noire - French Grommash - English Sombraluna - Spanish Tournament - English - Instant 100 - only PvP (no PvE)
  14. But stopped as he realized that he's too lazy to work.
  15. Welcome!
  16. Just want to add something: We can change the guild master if the old game master is inactive for atleast 90 days. The new guild master has to be Officer of the guild. Regards, Head GM Misahky
  17. Just wanna say that I Think that their messages were just sarcasm. Also this is not the place to report Game Masters, you can find a thread about this at the Information section. Suggestion denied. Regards, Head Game Master Misahky
  18. Yes I did q.q
  19. I didn't whisper you....
  20. That's not funny................