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  1. Omg. You hurt me. I do good Deagle Schellen and I don't get my name printed on your wall of fame.
  2. Welcome back. :=)
  3. Correct. It will get reviewed again and checked what the issue is.
  4. Closed and archived as it has been resolved.
  5. Implemented since the last restart today afternoon. Marked as accepted. Regards, Senior Game Master Misahky
  6. Hello. Please open an ingame ticket, a Game Master can add you the following quest so you can finish the introduction. Kind Regards, Senior Game Master Misahky
  7. The amount doesn't matter. They're working on a fix. A direct link to the facebook post can be found here:
  8. Restarts are announced, crashes not. What you mean are crashes...
  9. The changelog should be posted later today. Servers are back online so I think I can close here.
  10. Wow! A very detailed introduction of you and your history. Keep it up! Well done.
  11. Your client is fine (I guess). All are having this message as all Warlords of Draenor realms are currently applying the latest update.
  12. Hello. I will give my response to this as well. We can understand that you are disappointed because the loot of Poundfist is bugged. As already said today and now from Jess again, it will be fixed tomorrow. However, as Jess already said, we are absolutely not allowed to give out items. I agree with Jess that the answer could be a bit with more feelings. But this doesn't mean that we are unprofessional. Also: As far as I remember you have been muted for disrespecting a staff member and not without a reason. We are spending our free time to deliver you answers to your tickets. We try to answer each ticket with professionalism and we hope that we are succeeding with this. Moeland is a good Game Master and I think you don't need to tell him that he failed on every aspect of being a GM. (Your words.) If you have thoughts how a GM handles your ticket or you think he is not doing his job correctly, contact the Head Game Master and discuss it with him in a private message. You're not the only one having this problem with Poundfist. There are other players as well with this issue. We can understand that it's frustrating but I think if other players can say it's fine and are patient till it's fixed then I guess you can do it as well. Best Regards and hope that this is now clear here, Senior Game Master Misahky --Moved to General Discussion
  13. Greetings. We're sorry but we can't give out the loot. The general loot should be re-available with the next updatepack so it should atleast drop one mount. I can't say anything about the problem that not everyone who participated get a mount, it's a known problem and I say it again: We GMs can't give you the loot even if you can prove that you participated. We (you and me) have to wait for a fix. Best Regards. Senior Game Master Misahky
  14. The heirlooms from tournament aren't shared with the ones from Grommash but the heirlooms from Grommash are shared with Tournament. This is disabled because everyone could just login to Tournament, create a character and buy all the heirlooms to level faster at Grommash.
  15. Inveric is a busy man. You need to be patient. Creating such a topic doesn't make it faster. Locked and archived.
  16. bug

    The quest is locked. Garrison level 3 will be published at a later time, when all buildings are available at atleast level 2. Topic closed and archived.
  17. Indeed.... :DD
  18. Welcome Natryndon! Very friendly.
  19. Hello! Please open an ingame ticket - a GM can help you out. Regards, Senior Game Master Misahky
  20. Hello! Please open an ingame ticket about it (with a new account). A Game Master can help you out. Regards, Senior Game Master Misahky --Locked and archived
  21. Wrong section. Locked and archived.
  22. Hello. It's normal that a ban appeal may take a bit until the Head Game Master looks into it. On Grommash, he is responsible for that and has enough to do. A bit patience would be appreciated. That's right. Creating more topics doesn't push and can be punished with a warning point. That's not correct. But most of the tickets are about ingame bugs and we GMs can't fix code related bugs as you may know. We are no developers. If you want information about your ban, write a ban appeal what you have already done and I already mentioned it above. We GMs are also just humans. We do mistakes and say sorry if it happened to you. The evidence will be checked again and your appeal will be deemed accordingly. I think I can close the topic now. Kind Regards, Senior Game Master Misahky