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  1. Hello, first of all please stay at the topic and prevent insults of any kind here. Now about your problem: It's not intended at all to let players drop blue gear and only sell purple gear through lootboxes - that's bullshit... Anyways, we'll take care of that issue to see what's wrong as this is of course not the loot behaviour we aim to have. We want it blizzlike. Regards, Misahky
  2. We know that leveling of pre-legion content is more bugged as the leveling in the broken isles. The focus is at the content of the expansion the server is running on and revamping all the old leveling zones consumes time we don't have. Anyways, the leveling on the broken isles allows you to level to 110 with fully scripted quests. A table with the status of the leveling zones including their chapters can be found below. Anyways, I will lock the thread here now.
  3. Arcway is not supposed to have a que option. (Its a Mythic(+) only dungeon)
  4. Hey, glad to see you here! Here's an important update for you: The "Retired Staff" icon in teamspeak is no longer a banana. :)))) -- Misahky The guy who is always laughing like an idiot when you're on teamspeak
  5. I disable the middle door from the random door opening process when you enter the dungeon. With the next server crash/restart, there shouldn't be any more problems regarding closed doors. if yes, let me know in this topic.
  6. Fixed with next Server Restart. Edit: The intro for Naltira in general, including the visuals and currrent ongoing issues there, should be fixed with the next server crash/restart.
  7. Good point but we planned to open them for test purposes without that requirement. I will check it out why the left one is not working as intended. (I will put that requirement on, when we release the dungeon with loot)
  8. We never announced Vault of the Wardens. It was just a testing period.
  9. Blackrook Hold, Court of Stars and the Arcway. Karazhan will follow shortly after their release.
  10. Debug mode is activated which is causing big lags at a huge amount of players. As of this, we capped at 3000 to prevent these lags. Once the debug mode is disabled, we'll remove the cap.
  11. Read the changelogs... Closed & Archived
  12. It is, there it's wrong It's working on every difficulty, just on mythic without loots/achievements as they are disabled for test purposes.
  13. I love you dude. Thanks for it!
  14. Sherlock, I already answered that. I will close the topic here now. ^.^ Cheers!
  15. Hi! As Alan said, creating a shop ticket will be the best solution, we will take a look at that and will take proper actions for you (who spent money on an abused char), and the one who sold it. I understand your situation. I'm sorry you had to encounter this. Regards, Misahky
  16. I redirected it to the Quality Assurance Team. However, if you encounter a problem with the stats, you can do a relog and it should be solved. Regards
  17. If you think so.
  18. If we wouldn't care, we wouldnt deliver any updates. However, I gave it to the Hunter Class Master for further investigation.
  19. We'll look into this. However, can't give any ETA when it's fixed.
  20. The only thing which makes it possible to change the account of a character is through selling that character. We do not offer such character transfers besides that. Topic closed and archived.
  21. We're working on measures against that. Guys, activate two factor authentification and you don't have that issue .... Your account is your responsibility. Also, there are enough tips how to secure your account. That's all I can say about it. -- Misahky
  22. World Quest reward ilvl wont be raised up. We do not implement custom rewards and stay at blizzlike rewards as they were back to patch 7.1.5 as tweek already explained. Dont worry, there will be of course spell fixes.
  23. Hi! We plan to apply one big update containing these things. (This can change of course) Also, yes, we also worked on a new amount of spell fixes which will be put into the update as well.