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  1. Title: shop "warlock green spells" Type: Shop Description:  i was wondering if it would be possible to add the green fire spells of warlock to shop in a near future. I agree on a private server gaining money with cosmetics (and not gear) so i think this would be good for all, since the item is very hard to obtain and literaly impossible on legion realm and lots of people stil want it. + it is one less thing to scrypt.
  2. They are very expensive plz nerf.
  3. The rng is real. I don't agree that you should buy legendaries from shop but i feal you. I know people that have 8 legendaries by playing way less then i do. But all of them do rated pvp 3v3 and 2v2 weekly pvp challenge. Maybe that is the trick. They should implement the awakening essences system soon enough so people stop sufering this legendary issue. It is the reason why so many people were excited about 7.3.5 coming to firestorm.
  4. I knew i should have done the valsharah storyline before 7.3.5 Why do i never listen to my own feelings??
  5. I cant have "archdruid of lore" checked because server crashed right after i finished it. Tears of elune is stil bugged at the end. And people lost azsuna questlines after already had finish it (not me thankfuly). And a random guy just flew on my face.. Trigered!
  6. Ive been seeing some dps rakings for 7.3.5 and it seems affliction and demonology are kinda op. Affliction for multidot aoe and demonology for pure single target fights
  7. are we gonna have class mounts on 7.3?
  8. legendary

    I know people that play less than me and have already the 7th leggo. I got my 3rd after 6 months of waiting since the 2nd. And i do mm+ and bgs . A lot of bgs lol.. and mm+
  9. I think camping corpses is not permited on sylvanas because it is a pve realm. But ye you can kill someone on world pvp np.
  10. i dont know how to do the math .. i don't use soul harvest. i prefer to use siphon life for single target, with soul effigy and contagion. it used to be good but now its kinda low. maybe is because i'm not full mastery. i try to have a balance betwin haste and mastery but with 100%+ mastery. thought that was enough
  12. dude.. don't be mad at me. but sudenly, the past few days.... my dps is very low for my ilvl. the single target damage is super bad now. I do 300k+ on tov mythic. ilvl 892 - 54 traits and 2 good legendaries. its 100k loss dps .. im currently nr 10/11 on dps on a raid ToV Mythic.. 300/350k on damage done..on odin.. (skada).. with potion of prolonged power. The aoe is fine its just the single target that is super nerfed compared to other people on my guild with +/- my ilvl and traits. ill post a picture. affliction was fine and ok a few days ago. even my elemental shaman 883 can do more dmg than my main warlock... im not joking on exaggerating it.
  13. Just do the demonology or destro fixes cause affliction is fixed. I dont see any problem with affliction. Demonology tho have both pvp and pve issues. Both spells and pets. The golden traits are a priority but there are many other bugs. The fel imps walking for exemple.
  14. legendary

    Btw i was thinking about making a post like yours.. then i decided not to do it because of all the "stop crying" people and because i have 1 bis (thank the gods). But I feal you i have the same issue. Something is not right with the legendary bad protection. With the amount of bugs fixed and to be fixed in this server, it must be a bug somewhere in the legendary system.
  15. legendary

    I have a warlock affliction and i have the same issue. I have friends that play less than me and less content and they have 6 leggos. Ive 2 and stil waiting for the 3rd for more than 6 months. +1 here.