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  1. KNOCK!KNOCK!......Anybody home?!
  2. anybody can answer my question please? Just wanna know if either server has the best class halls....
  3. Is both Sylvanas and Greymane class halls both have the same bugs or one scripted better than the other?
  4. I understand what you mean, but my issue is that none of my addons are loading. You take the addons and put them in the wow game>interface>addons folder. Enter the game and on the lower left corner in your character screen is a button that says addons, then their should be a list of addons that you choose use, than you at the top right of the list is a spot to check 'load out of date addons'. I'm very familiar on how to use and load addons in the game, I been using them for years.
  5. Anybody having a problem of your addons not showing up? Their isn't even an addon button on the lower left side of your character screen. And yes I do know how, where, and install addons too.
  6. Thanks for the response.
  7. Just wondering if the items that you can donate for (not vote) if its possible to acquire them ingame as well? Someone said that this was a P2W server, and just was wondering.
  8. After a many times of trying to figure out how to get to the dark portal and dieing a lot I ckeck the forums and came across this post, thanks for the npc info, helps a lot....