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  1. Link armory unless u have something to hide
  2. get outta here mate ur daddy has been caught out now scatter off home waiting for the armory link....
  3. you can fool everyone here zull apart from me posting an ss of abuse because ur so desperate to have something over me guess once a rubbish kid always a rub kid
  4. Imagine posting the SS that got you banned for bug abuse OMEGALULZ Guess u gotta post abuse wins vs me cause its the only one ur going to get
  5. 2.4k rating is better items fam
  6. no point in beating around the bush boi
  7. Link ur blazing boosted armory plz if u could even afford it
  8. Only que for cap now for that juicy pvp gear been doing pve the last 2 seasons for some casual fun while waiting for firestorm to fix pvp Never heard of half of these players they much be from that dead wod sever with 60 players on it prime time cringe?
  9. Im insulted im not on this
  10. Should try and become a pver its ur only option
  11. i just dont want to spend years of garbage rng trying to get the legendary i want
  12. I do not need your help i can do any content i want
  13. zull didn't i tell u already that not every firestorm thread is about you so can you kindly fuck off ya ugly rat
  14. "Time and patience" is exactly why it should be buy able it has nothing to do with skill and level of pve/pvp you do its just rng garbage
  15. To get the legendary you want could take years at the current drop rate of legendaries, why should you have to suffer and not maximumize your classes performance due to being unlucky and having bad rng. Legendaries should be sold in shop at 100 firestorm points each