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  1. ur not online that account was created 5mins ago
  2. Didnt u get banned for abusing in this Ss?
  3. was hardstuck 1.6 but thanks for the bump up
  4. This level of edge lord btw
  5. I hope u dont store anything in that guild bank for when it gets deleted
  6. sometimes u need to stand up to the problems and bring them to light so they can be dealt with
  7. Its a small joke but it has very big impact on anyone who has been through a traumatic situation or know someone who has, its just a game and they shouldnt have to see offensive humor
  8. pedophile jokes in worldchat nice guild u got there @ezman nonce
  9. Coming from subhuman trash like urself rly removes any weight that ur insult might of had
  10. Making jokes about a very serious problem is not "fine"
  11. This isnt retail and its very offensive
  12. i dont even think i need to explain why this guild needs an immediate termination or forced rename
  13. Link armory unless u have something to hide
  14. get outta here mate ur daddy has been caught out now scatter off home waiting for the armory link....
  15. you can fool everyone here zull apart from me posting an ss of abuse because ur so desperate to have something over me guess once a rubbish kid always a rub kid