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  1. Fond memories
  2. Then, Iguess it needs people testing more technical stuff like certain mechanics, events/scenarios and quests. The kind of thing that can result in a crash.
  3. Title: Legion test realm Type: In-game Description: It would be ideal for the Sylvanas realm to have a supporting realm which purpsose is to test future patches. My suggestion is as follows: Build a realm that only goes live when a patch is ready to be tested. Have its players be chosen by the developers or by Game Masters so people can be filtered. Let the testers know of the changes so they can test accordingly. Have a separate Bugtracker for this realm. If something like this exists, patches that go on to live will be much more stable and the overall quality of the server consequently improves and that brings more players and makes them stay.
  5. Realm's under maintenance at the moment.
  6. Before I start I'll just warn you, reader, that I'll be letting out my opinion in this post, which may not be equal to yours but then again, I think you do have some respect for other people so without further ado, I'll begin. So... Warlocks. The one class that, for a while, everyone was talking about for it being too overpowered and for it being really easy to play. Well I agree but also really disagree. Yes, it's true, affliction was borderline broken (and still kind of is, just not at the extent it was before) a while back but, that's it. What about Demonology which is a brand new, reworked specialization? What about the good old spell-spewing Destruction that used to dish out a bajillion damage? Right, that's what I want to focus this rant on. I've been playing warlocks since I've started playing the game (roughly at the beginning of WotLK) and my main spec was destro. The thing is, and don't worry I know this isn't only the devs's fault, that spec along with demonology are actually garbage now. They do such low damage that, if you get into a dungeon you'll get kicked out or if you go to a PvP scenario you won't be able to kill anyone unless you have someone else do most of the work. What I'm asking here, perhaps not only for me but for more people playing this class is that, if you can, when you have the time, could you please take a look at some of the bigger issues with these two specializations? I know that won't get done instantly as there are more urgent things that need to be taken care of and I also know things won't get magically fixed if people don't report them to the bugtracker but I contribute for that when I find things that are worthy of reporting. It's just that, as a warlock player that really wants to play their favorite class, I don't want to be forced to play affliction. Cheers and thanks for your time.
  7. fail fail fail

    The problem here seems to be that the character list isn't being loaded. That doesn't appear after you connect to the realm and it used to.
  8. Yeah, this is happening to me as well