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  1. I bet my gold i got 200g
  2. +1 actually want it, but I'd just have a 100% winrate.
  3. events

  4. If you are calling something that is 3-4 weeks of pure farming "Champions Of Azeroth" World Quests an "End game" rep. You are doing something wrong ma dud.....
  5. Title: Buying Reputations/Neck Level Upgrades Type: Shop Description:  Since Firestorm already added to be able to buy Level 35 neck level. It would be great to also be able to buying Exalted Reputation with "Champions of Azeroth" Or some kind of reputation boost. Or maybe being able to buy instantly Neck Level Upgrades that you gain from "Champion of Azeroth" Reputation.
  6. Title: Editing Forum posts. Type: Forums Description:  It seems like currently you can only edit your post twice. It would be great if you will be allowed to have unlimited posts edits for example in section for guilds. That way players who created the post will be able to keep their guild recruitment/progression up to date. If it's possible maybe simply adding unlimited edits just in Guild Recruitment section.
  7. Title: Re-naming Inactive Characters Type: Shop Description:  I think it would be a great idea to be able to go to the store and buy a force name change for inactive characters, so you'd be able to take the name yourself. For example pay "250 Gold Points" To re-name a player that has the name taken and has been inactive for over 6-12 Months. Also players are most likely willing to pay over 200+ Points to get the name they want. Which is also a great in-come for firestorm! ^.^ It also wouldn't bother the players that has their names changed if they ever decide to comeback, since they are clearly inactive. Since firestorm transfers "All" Characters from EXP to EXP. Without a limited amount. And that makes all the same names "taken" Which is very unfortunate for players that thought they'd have a chance to take their names that they wanted, that has been taken in Legion.
  8. No there is not, but ping might be an issue )
  9. This will no way give more work for Game Masters. Firestorm puts out that account sharing is allowed but not safe so its your risk if you do it. Giving account away to a friend or any person is your own risk of getting hacked.
  10. I would say, Leave all P2W items not gift-able, talking about Collectables only. I think its for fair.
  11. ^^
  12. Title: Gifting Type: Shop Description: I would like to see that you can gift somebody a mount from firestorm store, For example you wanna buy a "Bloodfang Cocoon" but not for your-self, but for your a friend. I think there should be a section where you would be able to choose, if you want to buy it for yourself or your friend, and enter their In-game username, if you are buying it for somebody else.