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  1. Title: Dead-Eye Spyglass Type: Shop Description:  Could we please add There are a lot of bis trinkets for other classes but some 425 trinkets are missing and this is one of them.
  2. if u got brain u can still shit on 425 players with 400. Which u can get in a week. So Who fcking cares about that.
  3. True add like a custom tag on firestorm website where it would show all streamers that are streaming firestorm right-now.
  4. Greetings! This is the list for all the highest & fastest keys that have been completed in-time, on BFA 8.2. It will be changing every single week if players get higher keys & times. Order ¬ Keystone Level > Time > Group MOTHERLODE ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. Freehold ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. Kings' Rest ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. Atal'Dazar ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. Tol Dogor ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. Siege of Boralus ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. The Underrot ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. Waycrest Manor ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. Shrine of the Storm ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping. Temple of Sethraliss ¬ Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Reaping.
  5. Title: Group finder. Type: In-game Description: Greetings! Why don't we just force group finders? It will make less spam of keys on world chat. It will be much easier to find keys. How to do it? Disable keystones spam in world-chat. And makes Auto Broadcast. that players should start using Group finder. + Also announce it on discord. After a week it should be totally fine. And players will get used to it!
  6. + Head PvE should know how bosses work and test him self to see if qas are doing the right job not just someone who will watch them reporting someone who has knowledge of all PvE not just by watching vids or raids only. Someone who has experience and access to retail if u want this server not be shit like wod back few years ago. You should listen @tweek
  7. @tweekalso please explain this around 3 ex qas that been a QA for bod and part of guild QA to test the bosses. So I want an explanation why are they just sitting in god mode and seeing it the spells exists not if they work properly if they are just there. They admitted to it even the ppl they were “”””testing””””” with them are still in QA is that how you allow your qas to test raids ? You should hire and promote someone to be in charge since citrine seems not to be here or doing anything. And as I said if u wanna know who you should promote I can also tell you and you will see dramatically improvement
  8. I will just say something regarding your first point I got a clean screenshot of your QA payments and their amount of work done for that month, if u want I can personally find it and Dm you it. Where X player who did nothing got paid more than X player who did a lot.
  9. I alrdy told pantoufle personally who he should allow to lead PvE QA, and they will start seeing massive increase in quality. I will guarantee it.
  10. Its not about them needing more QA's its how the QAs are working, and firestorm should start understanding that they are not doing work but there for money.
  11. Dear firestorm. I will try not to shit-talk and insult how bad the server is in current state. With the new patch there was simply unlimited amount of bugs, everything was just buggy and laggy. First of all, 8.2 is just no-where close in the state to be released, I have no clue why it wasn't simply held for for extra few weeks. Maybe the patch is perfect for the casual players, that barely play this game and just do WQS and spam mythic 0's doing Heroic & Normal dungeons. But when you actually take it seriously and try do push keys/raiding, its just where everything turns into shit. 1st boss in BoD, hitboxes are broken, It will give a debuff, when you are not even standing near it. Some of them don't even work when the Light comes towards u, you can just stand inside it and take 0 damage. 2nd boss is the only boss that works Decently, but even thought u are not standing in lasar i can just sometimes, hit you. When you are dodging tarnado from the monk it still has a broken hitbox sometimes hits you when you are far away. 3rd boss is just a mess, It simply doesn't work and will reset randomly. After a wipe or a reset the boss becomes unkillable, -- Mythic + Tol dagor you can literary 2nd boss stand still and not cast any spells. 1st boss in temple is bugged hard right-now just like some other bosses it feels like hit-boxes are simply broken, and are no way of being correct. Reaping, is just a mess, the adds are bugged they are sometimes not coming and staying at your spawn, and will 1shot you when you release. Then reaping every single stack you gain you will get hit for that amount of damage which makes you take A HUGE amount of damage out of nowhere. And that's just few bugs, Theres simply a lot more. I also won't get into details how the bugs that has been fixed in Legion & Uldir with random flying bug when you relog that is just soo annoying, I got no clue how this can happen... Like seriously firestorm was no-where close and I don't know why 8.2 was released. Qas are not doing anything they are there just for points, they care about being paid than actually caring about the server, There are few QAS that do something, but very low amount of it. It comes to this point when a QA player had to ask for access to his friends to fix dungeons, And on the dungeons they were working it they actually work quite decently. But the ones they haven't worked, its just a disaster. And the funny part they we're not even getting paid for fixing it, they did it for the love to firestorm. Another thing, a QA told me that is still in QA, how their raid testing wen't. They turned on Cheat mode & God mode, and tested every single ability if they are working, not if they have correct hitbox just if they are there and existing. I just simply don't understand how those players stay in QA, I just don't understand how Head QA allows this shit to go through how the PvE head qa allows them to test raids like that, like seriously firestorm Will never work well with this amount of work. Like Head QA has powers to simply kick a guy from a QA Cuz "he thinks" the player is abusing, or "he hates" the player, I could easily proof it, with Head QA shit talking an EX qa member and literary admits that he hates him. But I'm not here for it. I just wish that firestorm and Shelby the owner realise how bad his server is running currently and how the QA members are working. I alrdy told Pantoufle who actually does work and cares about the server and actually deserves to at-least be incharge of PvE Qas and make sure they are doing work. But I'm simply gonna be ignored, why because my past history just makes the firestorm staff hates me. But I'm begging please please fix your QA team, extend the content until its at-least 90% working, at-least when you are releasing it, make sure that Dungeons are working. That raids are working. That spells are working. That talents are working correctly. But seriously Firestorm Admins should understand that their QAs are doing something wrong when the new patch releases like this badly. But instead of fixing bugs instead of extending the time of release, they prefer to make server even more laggy by adding "boris" and updating the store. Thats just retarded i have no clue how firestorm builded this amount of player base but Ik that there are devs that are working hard, but they are fixing wrong things by the looks of 8.2 release. or simply QAs are not reporting those bugs because they "prefer" to speed test it rather than actually testing it fully and wasting time. And this is not my words the community of firestorm will simply agree with me, that the server is in a very bad state, that its buggy more than it was on Uldir Mythic release wayyy more. Spells are not even working, Talents are not even working. Raiding bosses is a big mess. Mythic + is just cancer. And just imagine, its only first 3 bosses the most easiest ones. What will happen when Jaina will get released? What about Mekkatorque, it will be just impossible to do in Heroic with this amount of work from QAs. So I'm saying it again from myself and the community, start focusing on the server, don't be scared to Fire QAS and Head PvE QA who ever it is, and actually giving the rank to person who deserves it and cares about the server. And please if the content is not ready like now its not fully tested EXTEND it. by more time, I think players that care about raiding arena, and mm+ will prefer to wait than play something that is bugged af. Thanks.
  12. Title: Adding Season Ranking for MM+ Type: Website Description: Greetings my favourite firestorm staff team <3 I would like to suggest something that will keep up with highest key finished in time for BFA Season Just like the Ranking PvE but instead of it resetting every week it would reset every new BFA Season, it would look exactly like it does right-now but instead of adding weekly affixes it would show us, top 3 fastest & highest keystones completed, and in which affixes its been completed. For a example you select a keystone MOTHERLODE and it would show something like this. This will bring at-least some competition to Mythic+. It can also be stored as for next Seasons. When firestorm turns in 8.3 players would have an option to see who was dominating in Season 2. By simply clicking on a button to choose Season 2/3. Which would look something like this.
  13. This happens 24/7 with discord, on phone or PC doesn't matter. But as I alrdy said forget this, if u want to be tried out for core etc. DM me on discord.
  14. I told him to delete it. Which is nothing wrong with it.
  15. Umm??? whos dms are you talking about? @monkaW