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  1. I have the same problem here, but Firestorm dont give a shit.
  2. I am trying to make a monk but Boris says i dont have space! I bought 3 bags with 14 slots in Stormwind and he still saying i dont have space! What to do? Monk is bugged? Note: pandarens cant get instaup with Monk class because they dont have mailbox to receive bags from other characters. Please Firestorm fix this problems!
  3. One word: HYPE. Don't forget Nightwing, Vial of the Sands and flying mounts which can carry people. All them are bugged! Good work, Firestorm.
  4. The transfer to Legion is not a really transfer; is a character copy. Note: your character name from WoD will not be saved. You will rename it when the transfer ends. You must wait few hours or 1 day. My transference lasted 1 day. So wait more time. Cya!
  5. Hello guys, today I came to tell everybody about a bug. Some items from Shop (using Firestorm Points) are bugged. An example: Heart of Nightwing. Please, Firestorm, fix these items! We, donators, want buy thing which work correctly! You thinked how many people can stop buying Firestorm Points because of these bugs? Thank you for your attetion and continue the good work Firestorm Devs! Heart of Nightwing bug is at bugtracker:
  6. I reported a player today because he was afk in a BG. (Alterac Valley) I reported him, but my report is missing, and when I tried to report again I got this message: So, the logic is: This guy will be afk in more BG's and he will dont get a ban. So why we, firestorm players, still reporting people? Screenshot of the guy afk in bg:
  7. Hey guys. I made this topic to help you get a better FPS following few steps. First Step: Settings You should configure your file to get the better FPS. For your luck, I did it to you. You can download the best settings at attached files. With this settings, you will get the best FPS. Second Step: Cache Sometime your FPS decrease can be caused by the Cache folder; so delete it. This folder will re-appear after, so dont worry about. This folder is located at World of Warcraft Folder. Third Step: Drivers Is very important keep your drivers updated. Update Intel drivers clicking here, update Nvidia drivers clicking here and update AMD drivers clicking here. If you want know which drivers you need, type DxDiag in windows search bar and execute it. You will see a report about your computer. Fourth Step: Addons Like the drivers, is very important keep your addons updated or you can lose FPS. In wow curse you will find every updated addon. Go to wow curse clicking here and search your addon which you want update. May this topic help you, cya!
  8. Some of the items you will be able to get when Firestorm releases some questlines, fix class halls, fix world quests etc etc... So wait
  9. You must go to the Shop > Legion > Buy Items > Select your Demon Hunter > Transmogrifiable items > Burning Crusade > Search the item name. If this dont work, make a reply at this topic.
  10. You can buy transmogs items from Firestorm Shop; including not obtainable items.
  11. Hey guys. I have some transmogs and I want to share it with you Today I present: my transmogs with warrior. CAPTAIN TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here. EARTH WARRIOR TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here. IRON LORD TRANSMOG Dressing Room link: click here, That's it. Cya!
  12. Same, no transfer here...
  13. I leveled up a character to level 90 yesterday and I cant transfer to Legion because I need be level 100. Really? I cant believe in this shit. In Legion I must level up 90 levels again. Thank you Firestorm.
  14. Do you know with Warlords of Draenor servers have cross realm?
  15. Hey guys. I play in WoD but in the future I want transfer my character from WoD to Legion. Will this occur? And for free? Thank you very much.