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  1. there we go.
  2. @Kranith did you already make a post in the technical support section? if anyone has a clue.. then maybe the guys over there.
  3. Worst case I would say to maybe make a post on the technical support section - maybe they have a clue. btw I'm using the windows antivirus software. no extras like avast or kaspersky or whatever.
  4. @Super karys - I have lower pc specs and the game is not on ssd. it doesnt matter if i start via firestorm launcher or via wow.exe - I dont have that issue. we have the same OS so maybe the issue is somewhere else. could it maybe be bcus of firewall or antivirus software?
  5. Is it maybe bcus of the OS? which OS do u guys have? I have win 10 64bit and don't have any issues.
  6. Ok - thanks to Alan I got rid of these 'lua errors' by using /console cvar_default. Hope it will help you guys aswell.
  7. If you take a look at the server list from where u can migrate then u will see that monster wow bfa server isnt mentioned. it only says Monster-wow (7.1.5). EDIT: And to all these ppl who are asking why that error with wrong names come up. I am not sure but I guess the system is looking for these characters on the Monster-wow legion server. but if you are trying to migrate chars from bfa server he will not find it and that will cause an error.
  8. well i answered that preatty often - anyway - when did u make that char on the legion server?
  9. @Indecision- I made that already a few times and deleted and redownlaoded everything 2 times aswell. Thanks for the help but that sadly is not working. With '/console scriptErrors 0' I can make them not appear but to many errors can fuck up the game aswell. Atm I am out of ideas.
  10. good to hear.
  11. ehm i have actually no clue but... what does it say for you in the folder. askin for the portal. does is say SET portal "US" or SET portal "EU"??
  12. wow not responding

    For that 'Wow51900319' error. Someone wrote something for it. Here the post of Snuffek: Posted Saturday at 09:25 PM · Report post I found solution guys If you have fulll BFA 8.0.1 client but while you try to login you see error "wow 51900319" or "wow 51900328" that means its because Firestorm Launcher (idk why?)... Proceed steps below: 1.Run WoW client thru FIrestorm Launcher (to be sure you will connect with right server) 2.Exit WoW client and exit Firestorm Launcher 3.Run WoW client thru "WoW.exe" in your game directory (YOU CANT RUN Firestrom Launcher ) 4.Login into the server _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ give that one a try tho - not sure if it will work.
  13. I got now to more some how (in total 6 errors). and ill post a screenshots of the lower part of the 4thone aswell.
  14. Hello, alway when I press 'esc' to open the game menu 'i keep getting these 'lua errors'. I deleted the 'wtf' folder. the first time when I get into the game there isn't any issue. When I relog that 'lua error' starts again. I get 3 different when I log in and 1 more if I press 'esc'. and then I keep getting it always when I press 'Esc'. I redownloaded the game aswell 2 times. I have no clue what to do.