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  1. I am able to make my professions without any issue - sadly I have my char since WoD so I didn't select a new profession here yet. On discord I didn't hear anything similar as well. Maybe look into the bug tracker once if there is nothing open first a topic in technical support. And If there are more people replying about that issue I would maybe make a topic in the bug tracker as well.
  2. @Keithana Ye in the shop there is sadly atm no way to transfer to Bfa. I guess that they will make it soon. I guess an issue can be that we have migrations now enabled. When legion launcher (if I'm not wrong) migrations wasn't able. I would maybe recommend to make a character on the Bfa server now and lvl and gear it up till you are able to transfer from WoD to BfA. I guess that will be faster then w8ing till they enable it.
  3. It worked for me somehow and for many others as well. Idk what the issue can be what is wrong here. I guess you opened already a ticket? I mean i'm not sure to report that into the bug tracker since it is actually working. Kinda confused too. sorry that I can't really help here.
  4. migration

    @Naideri As far as I know you can't migrate to the BfA server. Like you can see there you can only migrate to the Legion server and that only works from Monster Legion to Firestorm Legion.
  5. @SordnayYe I saw that too. I made all mage tower stuff on my druid - was only missing the one for restoration. here I can somehow mog it (lol). but only the first (standard one) even if that is not fair like u said. I worked hard for them as well - feral was 2 ez tho.
  6. @CreolaAre you trying to get to the game via firestorm launcher? try it over the wow.exe itself once.
  7. @VanDalyonyou are completely wrong. You don't need a fist weapon or a knife to be able to change guardian form or feral form. It is bugged at the moment and it got reported already into the bug tracker. if u think they should solve it you can higher up the priority giving the report a thumb up. The devs can't work on everything at the same time - they will fix everything step by step. I hope that will get fixed as well and gave it a thumb up. And btw guys - questions like these can easily be solved by taking a look into the bug tracker. here the link to that one:
  8. So if your had already char here on the Sylvanas server then you should have them on the bfa server aswell if im not wrong. Becasue they copied all the character data.
  9. Hello, I don't think that migrations to the BFA server will come so fast. That will take much time tbh. and it would not be fair to the community who is already playing on firestorm for years. I mean we can't even transfer from our legion server to our bfa server. But that is not needed since the data for characters got copied at the 15.03.2019 to the bfa server of your whole account. If you really want to switch start with lvl 1 on bfa for the moment because you will reach with many charachter lvl 120 which will be geared before they allow a migration to the bfa server atm (my opinion).
  10. Like you said - that is not account wide. I have 2 druids on my account and the other one didn't get the class 'mount' after I finished the mage tower. The thing you mentioned is only working with account wide stuff (like with SOME mounts and SOME pets). not every mount you get will be account wide - just to make sure.
  11. hmm... So your plan is maybe to finish the mage tower on the legion server to use the druid class 'mount' on the bfa server? I guess that will not work because they are 2 different characters. It would work If u transfer that char u made the mage tower on. But atm there is no way to transfer. To get an answer to be 100% sure about that I would maybe ask on the discord support channel, the Technical Support here in the forum or maybe open a ticket ingame. they could give u an accurate answer in comparison to me.
  12. hi, 1st: I am not 100% sure but as far as I know the flying form is not affected by mount bonuses like pathfinder and so on. The flying form is bcus of that slower. 2nd: On retail u got your class mount from the order hall campaign. Here on Firestorm you got your class mount by completing the mage tower. And as far as I know the mage tower is not available on BFA. So atm u cant get that flyingform. If im wrong pls someone correct me then.
  13. Hello, I just want to say thank you to the whole team. If I look back to the release of WoD or Legion the BfA release was pretty smooth. In comparison there aren't so many bugs. It is playable and giving a good feeling. You can see that you guys put a good amount of work on it. Didn't read anything similar yet that why I open that post now and saying - thank you for putting so much time into the project!
  14. Hello, as far as I know there is no way to transfer from sylvanas to bfa server. i guess they will make that later. It would work over the shop - manage your character. But If u had a char bfore the 15.03.2019 then all your chars from Sylvanas got already copied to the bfa server.
  15. there we go.