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  1. In USA it must be your ISP as they control everything there.
  2. Do the following:
  3. I do support the idea for a pure PvP realm on Legion.
  4. @Skyscraper, I'm glad that I could help a bit and yeah, be sure that you can PM almost all of the Staff members. Remember that if you need some help in-game, just open a ticket.
  5. Here is a list of all Staff members and simply opening their profiles you can see if they are online and on which realm do they operate. You an also send them a PM here on the forum. I doubt that they have coverage at all time zones, so it's possible to not have anyone where you're playing.
  6. VIP was using only PayPal and since we can't use it anymore there is still no other way to get the VIP. I hope they will figure out something about that.
  7. This is exactly what I've done and what i've get ... a bugged Blacksmithing that I can't even craft things, because the only Firmament stone out there and the few quest for it are not working. So I've wasted my money and my time.
  8. worgen

    "Written in an ancient language that no living soul remembers, yet somehow the words leap to your tongue, yearning to be read."
  9. In Blizz you pay to play, so they protect their accounts. Here you play for free and the Account is your solely responsibility and there is a layer of protection if you enables it. I can suggest you to start from the zero. Make a new account with a fresh character and be sure to enable 2wa and you won't have such problems in the future. P.S From time to time they give a free boost. ^^
  10. I fully support the Idea something to be changed regarding this rising issue. There are few solutions for that issue: 1st Enable the cross-faction. (even as test mode and see the feedback) 2nd Do what @Misahky says. This is not war between the Alliance vs Horde ... we now live in new times where we work together against our common enemies. In the BG's the goal is to win, no mater the faction who will win or lose. Having a balance in the forces is the important thing behind that Idea.
  11. worgen

    You gotta love the Worgens!~~
  12. It's just for a PC lol
  13. +1 For the idea! I hope they will do something about that.
  14. Open an ingame ticket and they will help you.
  15. Yes, please fix the professions.