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  1. Title: Conquest Point NPC [Garrosh] Type: In-game Description:  Greetings players from Garrosh. Since we have custom NPCs in the game like Jeanne, Legendary Transmog, 1v1 etc... my suggestion is to make a custom Conquest Points NPC. So here is how it works... It's a NPC where you send your conquest points from your main character to your other 90 characters... for example your main character is already fully Prideful geared and has like 30k conquest points and you have another 90 with like no gear but make it only account-bound so you cannot gift your arena points to others.... We have the same season 5 times now and people get bored of having 20k-30k conquest points just sitting there. Thanks.
  2. Title: Transmogging heirlooms again. Type: In-game Description:  Can we bring transmogging heirlooms back into the MoP realm and others? All know that you guys have disabled transmogging heirlooms because of a little bug since Rassharom, Menethil and Taran Zhu has been merged together and transmogging the heirlooms was even a thing when they implemented transmogging back in Cataclysm on Retail. Alot of players really want it back to the game and it would be a really cool thing... And no, it is not gamebreaking.
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