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  1. Show some patience mate. They can't give you New Lego just because you are correct. (You will get New Lego eventually) But before doing that they need to analyse the issue first. Once they have full knowledge about this issue you will get your new legendary. I know it's frustrating that after farming game content you finally get your legendary and then find out that it's bugged, but hey i have been farming some tov mm boss, cleared EN, cleared NH, Doing tons of high Mms also farming bgs/prestige and last but not least after opening 160 lootboxes i am still not able to get my next legendary so shit happens πŸ˜‚ Just wait raging is not the solution for your problem.
  2. Since your legendary is deleted or missing this cannot be hacking problem (Coz you cannot delete legendary). Maybe it's server side bug but then again they need more confirmation to prove its server side bug. At this moment try messaging High ranked GM or an Admin and try explaining them your problem. Or just open an in game ticket and ask the GM to forward your problem to high ranked GM. During my time here since pandashan i encountered some problems which required high GM since not every GM has all commands so I asked the assisting GM to keep my ticket open and later on high ranked GM solved my issues. But I never had gear missing issue so I don't know who will be more beneficial to you in this situation but try messaging them on forum and hope your problem gets solved 😊
  3. Exaclty... Atm i am not sure I will buy them coz I have bought around 140 till now and NOT A SINGLE legendary. And roughly 5 of those 140 lootboxes gave me 890 gear so I feel robbed but don't know i am still making my mind up whether to buy them or not. But as you said if there was any system that after certain boxes you will get good items that would be Awesome.
  4. Well there is answer in Nighthold thread. They are getting upgrade at end of this week.
  5. FINALLY!!! Thank you for your answer 😊 but as predicted my gut feeling was right, I bought 60 lootboxes yesterday and here you are reporting about their upgrade today πŸ˜‚ The only good thing is that I have another 800 coins to buy 60 more. And well try to upgrade them in kind of good way please , I got 1 890 from 60 boxes and ofc no legendaries from any lootbox yet... dunno whether it is my badluck or bad scripting from your side πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›
  6. Even if I liked your post, you cant ask him that question since he is only moderator and not administrator The people who should be answering all these question don't respect/ don't care about players anymore I guess ,
  7. I am waiting since NH was announced :-P NH is releasing so obviously I want to raid it but I sold my main recently and I don't wanna gear other chars again to max ilvl and 54 traits when I have too many gold coins so :-P Its quite obvious to understand why so many people like tons of them are looking forward to lootbox upgrade... It makes no sense to upgrade them after 1 or 2 weeks of NH launch when the content becomes old and you can anyways farm gear in 2 weeks so also buying lootbox after 2 weeks makes no sense. :-)
  8. Like thousand people are asking the same question for last 2 weeks... There is even separate thread about it but unfortunately no one has got any answer from staff member yet πŸ˜”πŸ˜‘. It's getting quite frustrating and my gut feeling is that the day i use my 1200 Gold coins on lootboxes, on next day they will announce lootbox upgrade and I will leave server out of frustration. πŸ˜‚
  9. First of all thank you for your answer 😊. But everyone commenting here already know what you said. We are not interested in whether there will be announcement or not, we are interested in knowing whether the lootboxes are getting upgrade or not :-)
  10. Hey there, you are free to join any other legion server that is very fast at developing content😊. No one is forcing you to play here, if you can't support them, atleast don't discourage them 😊.
  11. We can't you know... they cost real money it's not joke just to assume they will upgrade and then spend all your gold coins only to realize they are not upgraded. Hope some admin looks at this and answers the question .
  12. Well we waited and what a awesome news that is! Nighthold releasing on 14th Feb, Hyped!😍 But this thread was and is about Lootboxes and that announcement has no mention of it so is there going to be another announcement about lootboxes ? Or they are not getting upgrade after allπŸ˜ͺ.
  13. Most probably yes. At the moment it looks like just a waste of money buying them, max ilvl in server is 910 whereas Lootboxes are still giving highest chance of 895 and that too very very rarely like 1 in 30, most of the items will be in range 865-875 and AP is also low considering you need millions for traits after 35. If you are thinking about spending points then I will suggest look for characters in shop because very good geared and high traits characters are selling very cheap so gambling with lootboxes is not worth it. They are completely useless (At the moment).
  14. Can we expect Nighthold release SOON ? Like 1-2 Weeks maybe ?
  15. To get rank 2 recipes, there are few quests which needs to be completed. Those quests do work but the reward is bugged. I completed those quests on my alchemy char but still never received rank 2 recipes. And to get rank 3 you need to have rank 2, so at the moment I would suggest you to don't waste time in getting higher rank recipes.
  16. @Klusko It's 100% on 25hc.
  17. Try using Rune of power -> Arcane power and then mark. Coz if you are using mark at beginning you will be wasting 2-3 ticks without dmg increase. If you have full mastery gear and mana near 1800k , you can opt for Unstable magic or Erosion. Nether tempest is only usefull if you are always low on mana and need extra missile procs to reserve some mana.
  18. According to updates many things should be fixed but you know they never work same goes with jc you still can't max it to 800. Also prospecting doesn't work.
  19. @Jade1234 Those quests are not scripted. So you can't learn legion JC but you can take some recipes from JC mats vendor.
  20. @mouse There is one character named "Asharo" in armory so I don't know on what basis you said no one has that name. Next time on just check you are not at fault before blaming them .
  21. @DrSandwich Ok the points he selected are lame, but he is right on point with his title. Tell me one good thing to do on sylvanas when you have ilvl 840+, you have prestige 2(where pvp talents are kind of useless coz most of them are bugged) , you have unlocked golden traits which aren't even working! Obviously I know how hard it is to develop something or fix it, and devs are doing everything they can to fix things quickly. BUT sylvanas has reached that point where we need something new like really new not some minor fixes to keep us involved. Launching new dung is also pretty useless since ilvl will remain same and besides all epic gear is available in AH. PvP is really bad with no honor talents and game breaking buggs emerging almost every week! Like @nightblitzz, I have also decided to take break from wow for some months till we actually get something interesting. Firestorm is one of the best servers out there and I am playing here since their Mop server but recently sylvanas has become literally waste of time for me so I am just hoping they bring some major changes like professions, world quests and most importantly working classes and specs.
  22. It's impossible to hit fireball for 900k if that Warr wasn't carrying orb. Also I don't believe you are hitting fireball for 900k in other bgs or duels. My mage is having ilvl 835, got all talents and traits which are required to boost fireball and my max crit of fireball is 850k when I had all buffs, rune of power(50% more dmg) and opponent was carrying orb so I had all situations with me. But that was the only time fireball did 850k dmg.
  23. Basically GM's work as Expert system. You ask them query they respond according to their knowledge base. Gm can retrieve the lost items and give you via mail but I have never seen a gm give item to anyone on firestorm in last 3-4 years so maybe they are just avoiding conflict issues. (which is actually very good since there are tons of people who will try to scam or ask for any small item ETC). To be honest I have very good experience with high GM's they can solve your problem if you give them time and show some patience. They can solve guild issues(guild leader change etc). Can help you in old raids/dungeon if your stuck somewhere. (Don't ask them to kill someone for you but if you are not able to get to platform of boss or some door is locked which was previously working and is scripted then they can give you feather to get to platform or open door.). If you are stuck in place and No other option is working then they can even teleport you. One of the main things they look after is punishing players who are exploiting or using bugs. In short they can do tons of things. As I already said it all depends on their rank/power and knowledge. Most of the new GM will only tell you that report on bugg tracker or they are not able to help(in polite words) . And we have many GM who will say those things BUT if your problem is serious I am sure it will get addressed by High gm. If any gm is not able to solve your problem, then he keeps your ticket open and higher ranked gm addresses it later. One thing you need to understand is they are not employees they are not getting paid and they are doing it only for helping community they don't have any personal gain in this. It is possible that you can find gm who have less knowledge than you about game but that doesn't mean they are useless. Give them time if they are able to solve your issue they will definitely solve it. We don't have hundreds of high ranked GMs who can solve all your problems . And no one becomes high gm when they start so they learn through their experience. So just help them as much as you can without complaining .
  24. If you have any problem with GM's, you can always make your point to higher ranked GM's. Procedure is given on forum just follow it and they will answer you but this isnt the way to complain. @Rymnor @Sketter However I do like 1 point that he mentioned. I know you guys are already doing so much testing and are very busy with it but somehow, if you are able to create a thread/post about bugged spells, talents artifacts relics class hall etc. It will be really helpful for other players and also they can help you with testing etc.