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  1. Hello today i bought a pvp lootbox and i get Prideful boots and its without stats wtf ?
  2. Hello my friend is playing on Garrosh with me and after 20 minutes playing his monitor turns of and he must restart computer please help
  3. Hello im playing on my Char Lukýsek (active char) and im in guild CS/SK Company inactive guild and there is 880 000 golds in guild bank. What will be with these golds there is too much golds and no actvie people can you give it random to players or better to me ? or what will happend with it ?
  4. ty and when the boris will come ?
  5. Hello i tried to play pandaren monk so i Bought heirloom and send it to mailbox .. And the quests are not here ! So i cant recieve my heirlooms from mailbox because i cant get to orgrimarr please Send my heirlooms back on my char Kuelthes.
  6. Hello how can i get to Ordon Sanctuary i checked all videos but the golden glider dont work