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  1. @LegnaX @Pantoufle @Otacon Good afternoon guys, still no answer, we're waiting
  2. @LegnaX @Pantoufle Any info on when the season is about to end? It's way above 30 weeks at this point
  3. Thank you for the awesome work, sir!
  4. Hey there! There are differences in the sense some classes are more bugged than others, which makes the comps irrelevant. Example: Resto druid with feral affinity > bleeds are doing 200k non-crit each with every tick. Almost every semi-high rated druid is abusing this, but they fail with any other class, so if you're looking for a healer - that's an easy 2.1+ UH DK > range of some spells is beyond bugged. Retribution paladin > used to have talents that could be abused. There were few fixes done, not sure if that got corrected. Given that a good chunk of classes is buggy, my fav comps are: Frost mage + Resto druid (actually skilled one) Retribution + MW Arms + Holy paladin Rogue + Mage is also good, but currently, no-one is playing that Good luck!