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  1. That did it! Many thanks.
  2. Does anyone know how to connect to Icecrown? I have set my realmlist to [set realmlist], but the client will not connect. As I understand it, the Firestorm launcher isn't available anymore, and I can connect directly with my WotLK client. Any help would be very much appreciated -
  3. How can I connect? I know there is a launcher, but I can't find out where to download it.
  4. The client on my Mac runs very, very slow. Content is playable but slow to load. No issues with addons. The Legion client will appear to quit and close successfully (all windows close) but it remains open and I have to Fore-Quit the application. The Firestorm Launcher will not load at all - it launches but no window ever appears. I've left it open, hoping it was just loading and configuring for first run - but it never does. I have to Force-Quit that application as well. The WotLK client runs just fine - very playable and content loads very quickly. Hope that the Legion client gets tweaked a little to improve its running. But I am sticking with WotLK for now. macOS 10.12.1 Sierra 2.7 GHz Intel Quad core i5 16 GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB <-- go ahead and hit me on that one!