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  1. + on this link posted by firestorm ( i found that Zul'Gurub is working. Zul'Gurub (ZG) 85 WORKING + QUESTS + ACHIEVEMENT *A couple quests cannot be completed. How can it work without chains ? How am i supposed to kill him ?
  2. How can i kill Jin'do the Godbreaker ? Because when he get to his second phase there are no Hakkar's chains spawned. So how do i kill him without chains ? GM that reponded to ticket told me i found in-game bug. So made a post on bugtracker. Waiting 1+ week and so far no response. So i asked people in world_en and they told me he can be killed only if you play rogue in stealth. So is it true ? i cant kill him as Paladin or Priest ? Or are they lying and he is just bugged.
  3. How many Bugtracker posts you get/can solve a day ? devs pls answer. Because it seems noone is answering my posts.
  5. Shanee so i know how to do fast 1-60 but im stuck 60-85 with quests that are just boringg and taking long. Do you have good locations with easy quests or mob farm ?
  6. about that 60-70. There are like 30 of them spawned in that big location. Its not very good spot. I managed to pull like 5 of them until they ran away, not 30
  7. Hi, i started playing unholy dk. I want to focus on 2v2 arenas. So can someone give me talents for arena ? and basic rotation if possible ? because i saw so many variations of talents for unholy that i cant decide which one is best. And is Unholy stronger then frost ? Because i heard unholy got buffed and frost nerfed. But frost always 1v1 me without problems. So i want to ask is unholy still low or im bad ?
  8. I think title explains everything. I was looking at ele shaman and unholy dk, but idk when i played ele sham in wod he was low af. and unholy was hard to play. Tell me which class and spec is strong in 7.1.5 because i dont rly read patch notes
  9. Hi, I just got my warlock to lvl 71 and quests in Northrend are so boring. Can you guys tell me other ways to xp ? Like soloing dungeons ? or killing mobs that earn lot of xp ? like in Pandaria- there is spot with fireflies and you can kill like 30 of them with one aoe, and you level very fast without quests. So pls tell me some ways or secret spots for farming mobs fo xp. Im 71 lvl Affliction Warlock Full heirloom
  10. Can i complete this achievement ? Glory of the Icecrown raider 25/10 player ? Because i want that mount so hard (achievement reward) a some people told me i cant complete ICC because of baloon or smthing like that. So im asking if i can complete all of those raids.
  11. i dont know which talents i should take. Some warlock masters tell me which ones
  12. Best Class vs WW monk/rogue in legion ?
  13. That means: If you dont like legion you're fcked or pick herbalism gather apples in stormwind and enjoy arena with low gear (no items from rare monster in tannah for you !)
  14. Hi i played Warlords like year ago and then quest tracking for lvl 90+ (warlords contect) was bugged. Is it workking now ?
  15. when you say they are bugged what that meant ?