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  1. Oh I dont play here. I'm just sayin
  2. Wow you guys are so slow with development compared to other legion servers lol
  3. @Thorin ako nisi skuzio na WoD realm forumu si , logicno da je da se guild nalazi na WoD serveru....
  4. What are your pc specs? what is your hdd?
  5. Ye server keeps crashing. it comes back and 2 min after , another crash , this is like 10th in a row ...
  6. I just uninstalled the Launcher, problem fixed
  7. When i try to save changes it says " Access is denied."
  8. Everytime i open firestorm launcher. WoD starts automaticly to download. I pause it and delete the folder but that happens everytime. I tried to click settings button and " Uninstall this game" but it says " This operation is already being run on this game" so how can i stop WoD from downloading all the time i open it?
  9. Now when the legion came out. WoD population dropped hard. any plans?
  10. if they make dungeon/raid finder cross realm. Then its fine, it can stay like this
  11. I would rather play with people who dont know how to play than dont play at all
  12. I have to agree with this one. I dont see any reason why we need 4 realms. atm you cant even find a group for a dungeon cus cross realm feature doesnt work in pve