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  1. Greetings, Drop chances in personal loot has been increased. This is from today's changelog and will be applied soon on the realm Sylvanas. Kinds Regards, Senior Game Master Ellesar.
  2. Greetings, It is too early for arena season and there is not ETA on that for now. Also, please try not to bump thread because this is considered like spam.
  3. You can copy a character from MOP to Legion. 1 for free and the rest is for points.
  4. Greetings, You can use the character restore feature from our shop. Choose the expansion, manage your characters and restore deleted character.
  5. Survival melee / bm
  6. Yes, use the recovery feature from the shop. Topic closed.
  7. We are talking about Tournament realm only. There won't be restrictions for other realms. Plus my post was just a suggestion. I have no information if it's possible or not and if there will be a transfer from that realm at all. Tournament players have to grind Wild Gladiator gear the same way like you do at the moment on Grommash. You have a 40k cap and they have it too. If you didn't play enough PvP it's not their fault that you're less geared than them. Those guys work on their characters the same way you do. The difference is that they only play PvP there. There are some hackers and abusers but we deal with them and they get punished. I can tell you that most of those players are just good in PvP and if you can't win them you can't just claim that all of them are abusing something to get high rated. Also your post has nothing in common with the topic and it's not a valid argument about the character transfers question discussed here. And then again, the /played time restriction is just my suggestion and it doesn't mean it will be made like that and also we don't know if the Tournament realm will get a transfer option yet! Regards, Executive Game Master Ellesar.
  8. Greetings, @Zanniez. I appreciate the effort you have put to make this bug list but please take a look at our bug tracker here: Click You can see which of these bugs are reported and if they are not you can freely report them so our developers can make the fixes in a future update pack. Make sure to check if they are reported already to avoid double posting. Kind Regards, Head Game Master Ellesar.
  9. Greetings, We already had plans about such an event. At the moment it can't be done because the wargames are broken and we can't just use the normal arena que for this event. We will have to wait until the developers fix that wargames system. Suggestion accepted. Kind regards, Executive Game Master Ellesar.
  10. We are currently discussing this at the moment. My suggestion was to make some kind of limit in order to transfer a char. Something like you need to have like 5-7 days of /played time on a character in order be able to transfer him or something like that to avoid people making new characters and transfer them.
  11. Joined Ashran back when it was in BETA and in the staff since April.
  12. Open a ticket ingame and if the person is offline for such a long time a GM will be able to give the leadership to another person.
  13. Most likely yes. There is no 100% sure information on that at this moment.
  15. Greetings, 1. Rejected. There are already mount vendors for gold in capital cities and can buy them there. No need for a new NPC. 2. Already has been discussed and I hope I will be worked on soon. 3. There is already a mount vendor which sells pretty nice mounts and those points are set there in order to motivate players to spend some time playing on the realm. There will no be any other mount which sells mounts like roosted because we have those in our shop and you can buy them there. Rejected. 4. The 500 points costs is set up in order to motivate players spend some time on the server and not just get anything for free. The won't be any other free mog vendor for the moment. Weapon vendor has been discussed but I don't know when it will be worked on. 5. Will be discussed but I doubt it will be applied. 6 and 7. There already is a flask/food vendor and some of them are usable in arena so there is no need for another one. Rejected. 8. We'll discuss it but you can just buy and learn all glyphs from the NPC and it takes no more than 5 minutes to do it. It's not hard to change it so we'll see how it goes. Regards, Head Game Master Ellesar.