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  1. what can i do to prevent it?
  2. Hello. I have killed The Lich King 2 times to obtain Invincible mount (25 HC) with my mage and in both situations LK's corpse with loots did not appeared though the ending cinematic played. Tirion remained in glacier. Is this something about the script or do i personally missing something?
  3. Hey, are there any present RPers? Im currently playing on Horde side with a nightborne mage. Name is Lunastre you might pm me or send a mail.
  4. Why tournament realm ? Of course there maybe questions about our choice of server. Since "instant level 100" feature offers a great highway to shape your character and gearing up, we thought that the realm still the best choice. Also, you can obtain any profession of choice and master it in a short time. Thus, you'll get even more chance to colour your character with the features of these professions. Gold is free, means a flexible movement around the server. STORMWIND ROYAL VANGUARD We are a squad of loyalist Alliance elites who serve to the King and the higher seats of Kingdom. Thus, there is no ranking in the guild. Only titles to prove that you are an experienced member or not. Our aim is to protect the Alliance and the royal palace against any threat it can face. You can be anything [ex: Lord, Baron, Countess, Corporal...] as long as it doesnt contain somewhere related to lore. [For example: We wont allow yourself as Lord of Redride, Baron of Duskwood...In such cases, you should use somewhere imaginary, that doesnt exist in Azeroth] Those who want to join us and prove their roleplaying experience willingly are welcome ! You will attend a short test to detect your role playing skill, and all be done. Planning to make countless transmog runs and role playing events. Whisper "Llyena" if you want to have a look !
  5. Sure thing ! Any kind of role player is welcome into our guild.We will be waiting your whisper to get further information ! Stay well !
  6. Hello. We "Forsaken Knights" are roleplaying on Alliance side of Grommash WoD. We'd like to welcome anyone who want to join us ! Whisper Goldenleaf or Akoth for further information.