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  1. Officially Blizzard have restricted this challenge Only to the characters that played Legion in time. What have you planned for Mage Tower Challenge in BfA? @LegnaX, Regarding that you said: As an example: I have a character who has not completed yet the Mage Tower in Legion, but has already been copied to BfA (due to - "Copy will be done on the 15th at midnight CET"). If I finish this challenge in Legion, will it be updated in BfA for this toon who has already copied. Or there is no way to do this, because it is copied without our consent before that achievement. Any idea and advise how we should proceed with that? Because we do want this pretty cool artifact appearance for transmog in BfA too. Just little information will be appreciated.
  2. bug

    Hallo, I know - you the Developers are working hard on most fixes. But I have a simple question: Have you planned to fix that "flying bug"? Last 2-3 days we all experienced a weird bug when we were on some instance (dungeon or battleground) and if server crashes or when we complete our bg/dungeon, also when we exit or when we try to logout-login - we get an constantly flying bug wihout (or with) mount - flying on nowhere (under textures). Sometimes we suddenly die when we are flying and there is no option to Release or revive us. Then we must use Unstuck Tool via website because there is no other way! It is really annoying - sometimes we must wait to land more than 5 mins - as i said flying in nowhere, in the abyss P.s. It's already on Bugtracker.
  3. It's very funny how we wasted our money to wait on the queue over 1-2 hours... Take a look at others servers (like Warmane) - they have already solved that problem - its called "Queue Skipping" for VIP & Premium accounts. We gave you enough money last years to configured a new server with more capacities to get and allow more online players to play normally. Of course we all have option to move to another server or go on retail.
  4. @Hearts, I'm fine - everything is good now I did some tricks with low slots bags and now I got all my items. Sorry for disturbing and thank you!
  5. Ok, we all have in-game email with most of the items restored but there is ONE BIG PROBLEM - I had over 100+ well selected rare and epic items, sets and some cool stuff and materials, but now i can't get it back, because it says: "Your Inbox is full" and 99% of my items are Soulbound - I can't send them to my Alts. Here are the sarcastic facts: 1. My backpack (now after restoring) is 16 slots by default! (I had 4 Hexweave Bag - 4x30 slots, but now they are somewhere inside mailbox, but i can't reach them, because it says "Your Inbox is full".) 2. My bank has ONE normal 24 backpack + one for materials - so there I have the only one option to put only 24 items (because my bags are missing - they are restored somehere inside the mailbox, but I can't get it back). And here is the big farce: I have to clear bag space to collect restored items, but I don't have free space inside my bank neither in my bagpack to get items back. So I think we all are stuck - we should DELETE some of our Soulbound rare and epic items! Any ideas how to proceed? I'm not rich, so I can't buy bags from auction, but if I buy bag - so there is no empty space to put that bag - I have to delete some of my soulbound items but i wont do that - they are rare and epic (cool for transmog and I need it). So, how could you help us GMs, DEVs and Firestrom Staff?