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  1. OK, i dont care anymore.... this is from me and GM posting about invalid report that i postes... there isnt enough "evidence" because GM want it recorded... ok, i will record every second of PvP, i will not care about my PC/notebook melting...... GM want it recorded or with timestamps... Time remaining isnt good enough evidence, cooldowns arent enough evidence, short buff duration isnt enough evidence to see how that player is hacking... called invalid....... 1. my buff has 10 seconds, Firestorm is here, Haraa has half hp, Lava burst half cd, Time reamining 13:39 Lesaa did one step 2.my buff has 9 seconds, Firestorm is here, grabbed flag, Haraa half hp, Lava burst 3/8 cd Time remaining 13:37 Lesaa is nearer Haraa, You can see on right side someone is walking to us 3. my buff 7 seconds, Firestorm is here, bursted down by Wingous, you can see Wingous has lower HP then in screen 2, Lava burst 2/8 cd, Time remaining 13:36, Lesaa is nearer Haraa, Haraa has lower hp, That someone is near of us and casting 4. my buff 6 sec, Firestorm is vanishing, flag moved from alliance base to near their graveyard Wingous has lower hp then in screen 3, Lava burst cd completed, Time remaining 13:35 Haraa walking to flag, 1/4 hp 5. my buff 4 sec, Firesotrm vanished, Time remaining 13:33
  2. the funniest thing is when they fail.... i dont really vcare about this, more problesome is gliding with fag...
  3. https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/33445
  4. Hi, this is PvP server, why isnt this bug repaired or punished? In every game with flag carrying - twin peaks - WSG Horde is using glider to glide with flag from Alliance room to half map. But this is abusing bug, because it isnt allowed in offic. Why are we still waiting for repair of this bug so long? And for those who dont belive https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/6892699670 That was nerfed with 5.1; the button with glider is grey when u carry a flag, so flying accross tha half of the map with flag in twin peaks is not an option anymore. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=126392/goblin-glider#comments The glider can be used where you wouldn't normally be allowed to mount or fly. This includes indoors, in instances, in combat and in regular battlegrounds , but not rated battlegrounds, nor when you are carrying the flag/ball. You CANNOT activate the glider while carrying the flag. It's particularly awesome in battlegrounds. Some particularly fun/useful glides: ... from the starting point in Strand of the Ancients (defending) to the beach. ... from the flag rooms in WSG and TP (Alliance side) to the middle of the field.** ... from the starting points in Eye of the Storm to either of the two nearest towers. ... from LM to GM in Arathi Basin. **note, not while carrying the flag!
  5. Well, because Firestorm dont punish ninja looters, beware Deathqueenir at Taranzhu, dropped token, we rolled, i won, he stoled the item ( because his friend was master looter) after that he said sorry that he will give it back to me, but when he appeared at Shrine he refused to give item to winner
  6. Hello, i wanted ask why only grommash from three servers is falling down and restarted nearly every 10 mins
  7. warriors in pvp... click, charge, bladestorm, stormbolt, slam, slam, rinse and repeat
  8. ok, i know this math is really hard so i am doing only little logic mastery 14%, dampening 60% pvp power 48% - so -12% of heals while in world, i can stack about 15k ticks, while in BG before it begin - 30k (???) while BG is running - 3k i dont really know mechanics and like, but when i do little math, if my heals are reduced by 12%, so mastery will be reduced cca by 12% too - 13 200 even if it is bugged and it is applied to healss + my healing mastery - 24% - 11k cca, so why is my hots healing so low? i am asking, if i did this good, or there is more theorycraft, before i can post/or not on tracker
  9. Best players in arena or bg? or group?
  10. i dont know if it is true, but i think incarnation last longer then Celestial Alignment, so pop it before you reach 0, because if you pop it in your burst, you will lose celestial, and incarnation will be still up for few seconds, but you will not profit, because incarnation will increase DPS only while in eclipse
  11. there is one BIG problem:) DONT USE YOUR Heart of Wild in your burst... Heart of wild is to use when your healers need help, or your tank/off tank are dead, before they ress them, if you want more bursty dmg - nature vigil is your friend, it have 1,5 min cd, increase your dps by 13% + what you deal as damage, will % heal someone near you, Heart of Wild have passive bonus +5% to stats, and you need pop it when situation need it, because cd on this is crazy - 5-8 min, when you pop it, you can be tank/meele dps/healer for 45% sec, i use this when healers need help, so using this while you are in burst, you are losing one of your talents for nothing
  12. Hello, please, where is this changelog? i cant find it, i only found changelog for WOD
  13. ....is is normal spell, 30 sec on NPC, on players it is 7-4-1 and imunne or something like this, + while priest is casting this, he cant do nothing other, so it is double cc to you and him, + it is bugged, priest need wait until it end naturally, he cant dispell it
  14. Hello, i have problem, i have leatherworking and my GuM said she have the same problem with alchemy, create all doesnt work, i click on it it will shw making X items, and after two seconds it will show making 1 items, so i need clicking a lot, GM said to report it, but it is reported alredy for some time and no response, i heard on my old server GM can reset/restart prof if there is some problem, like when archeology only showed the same items, can GM do some like this there too? Or do somebody know ow repair it?
  15. Hello, i knwo this item drop from rares on Isle of Thunder, but i killed few of them and they dropped only gold, GM answered me they are bugged and to ask. So i am asking, what rares on Isle are not bugged? sry for bad english and thanks for answer